lesbian at Festival – Session 03 End – Horny Lesbian story

It was nice and hairy which I love, I always think a hairy cunt looks much sexier than a shaven one. She had a big meaty labia, her lips were parted from her arousal and from where I had just fingered her,

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and I could see into her soaking wet cunt. I grabbed her fat arse cheeks and pulled her down to me,

as her spread cunt drew closer I could smell her arousal. I was a little disappointed as when I had made her squirt it had cleaned out her cunt and I prefer it stale and stinking, but her fresh hot pussy juices were still a lovely smell. I was engulfed by her meaty cunt, as it smothered my face I poked my tounge out and started to lick. I struggled to gasp breaths as she ground her dripping wet cunt against my face, moaning deeply into my own filthy smelly cunt.

As her pussy rubbed up and down my face, coating me in her hot sticky juices, my nose kept brushing against her arsehole. I could smell the sweaty unwashed funk of her arse, and as she rubbed down my face again I grabbed her fleshy cheeks, pulling them apart and pushing her down further until my mouth was on her puckered arsehole. I flicked out my wet tounge and started to lick around her tight brown hole. I felt her gasp in shock, she clearly wasn’t expecting that, and I tensed my tounge as hard as I could and pushed against her wrinkled puckered arsehole.

She moaned loudly and buried her face deeper in my creamy unwashed cunt, licking even more greedily. My tounge began to slowly enter her, the tight ring of her arsehole slipping around my tounge as I could taste traces of the shit deeper inside. I reached underneath my chin to where her dripping wet cunt was, and I slid all 4 of my fingers inside her, the hot slick pussy walls offering virtually no resistance.

I grabbed the back of her head with my other hand and pulled her hard against me, smothering her with my filthy stinking cunt, grinding my creamy pussy over her whole face. I wriggled my fingers inside her, feeling her fleshy walls squeeze around them I knew she was about to cum again, this time I was too.

I cried out, muffled by her fat arse engulfing my face, pulling her head roughly against my dirty cunt as I came hard, not caring if she could breathe. I could feel her hot juices flooding out around my hand, my fingers wriggling so deep inside her cunt and my tounge forced into her dirty arsehole. As we came simultaneously we were both moaning so loud I’m sure anyone around our tent would have heard us.

As our orgasms subsided I released her head and I heard her gasp for breath, then she laid on top of me gently licking my pussy like a kitten drinking milk. I slid my tounge out of her arse and my fingers from her cunt, it was gaping now and I could see her juices dripping out of her, they had absolutely soaked me where she had squirted all over me.

We both sat up and smiled at each other, we were an absolute fucking mess. The tent was a complete oven by now, and the stink of our passion hung strongly on the humid air. We were both drenched in sweat and a mix of both of our juices, we lay down together and kissed slowly and tenderly, running our hands all over each other’s slippery wet bodies. Eventually we had to go meet our friends,

so we got dressed (wearing each other’s panties of course, hehe) and went out together. We spent the rest of the weekend together, sneaking off for some fun whenever we got a chance. We kept in contact for awhile afterwards, and we did meet up again another time, but that’s a story for another day.

-Let’s Wait for that Another Day

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