A Free Slate – Session 22- Final Assault

As we were nearing the end of the video I suddenly became aware that I hadn’t told her that she had asked Miles to take her in her virgin ass. You can be sure it was with a great deal of trepidation that I watched the scenes unfold toward that major climax. As far as she knew, even up to the time we were watching the video she had never had anal sex.

Remember that it was Holly that initiated this final assault and if she hadn’t requested it the evening would have been over. Of course, I had edited out the place where Jim had turned to me for my approval so as far as Holly could tell, this was all on her and I wasn’t even involved in the choice. For that reason, once again I paused the video after she told Miles that she wanted him to take her in the ass.

With the video paused, I explained the parts that had been edited out. She felt a little better that Jim had asked my permission but was still a little bit dumbfounded that I had approved. I explained that we had talked about anal before and her concern was my size. She had always thought that I would be too big for her. What with Miles having such a comfortable size member I told her that I decided this would be the perfect opportunity for her to experience anal for the first time.

I asked; “So do you want to see it, or would you rather quit here because this is near the very end of the tape anyway.”

She looked at me with lust in her eyes and asked; “Did I really do it?”

All I could do was nod and she said; “Then I want to see it.” One final time I pushed ‘play’.

There she was, my conservative Christian, purity pledge, modest to the extreme, totally devoted wife and mother slapped her virgin ass for a total stranger and asking him to penetrate with his slimy little cock. Holly looked on with her mouth hanging open the whole time as first Miles at Jim’s instruction worked first one finger and then two into her little rose bud. Then we eventually heard her say, “I’m ready big guy, push it in!”

I couldn’t tell if she was excited or horrified by what she was watching but when it was over she looked over at me with a stupefied look on her face and asked; “Did I just really see what I thought I saw?”

All I could say was “Yep.”

“Oh gawd Rob, I can’t believe it!”

Then as we watched the final scene where Jim put her once again into the relaxed state and then turned to his colleagues saying, “Well gentlemen, now do you believe me when I said I could take an otherwise conservative housewife and turn her into a sex crazed woman using the wonders of hypnosis?” And with that the screen went dark.

We both just sat there for a couple of minutes neither of us saying anything. Then she asked; “Where do you keep this thing? I sure don’t want anyone to just stumble across it.”

I showed her how I kept it in the middle of a CD album where I kept MP3 discs I have for my work-related stuff as well as the original set-up discs from when I purchased my computer. I told her how I knew that kids certainly wouldn’t be looking through computer set up discs and even if they ran across this one the title simply said: “Dr. James Matthews” so for sure that wouldn’t pique any interest to them.

She was satisfied that it was in as safe of a place as possible. Holly again looked at me as I sequestered the DVD back into the CD album and slid the whole thing into my bottom desk drawer. She looked exhausted so I took her hand and began to lead her to our bedroom. I had to chuckle to myself as she had to grab her shorts to keep them from falling down as we went up the stairs since she still hadn’t zipped them up.

Once in our room she grabbed me in a bear hug and asked; “Are you OK after watching that?”

I kissed her with as much passion as I could muster and told her that every time I watch it I am so very proud of my hot little wife. Then I said; “Babe, you are the sexiest woman I have ever known and I am so incredibly blessed to have you as my wife.”

Our kisses turned to tongue dancing as we fell on the bed ripping clothes off one another. As my hands explored her body she got that cute little smile on her lips and said; “You know Rob, right before dinner I took a nice long bath and my feet are really clean.”

I know that firemen aren’t really rocket scientists, but even I was able to figure out what she was getting at as I lifted her cute little foot up toward my lips. Man, I’ve got to tell ya that sex sure is a lot more exciting since we started this whole hypnosis thing!

Two days later Jenny was already in bed and Holly was at a PTA board meeting so just for curiosity I opened my bottom file drawer to take a quick look at a few scenes from the DVD. I could swear that when I had replaced it with Holly I put it in the sleeve with the label perfectly horizontal because I remembered showing her again that the title was simply; “Dr. James Matthews”. But this time when I opened the album the label was almost vertical. I thought about it a minute and then inserted it into the lap top to watch it for a few minutes with a wad of Kleenex in my hand.

When I was finished, I carefully reinserted it into the sleeve again with the title perfectly horizontal. The next evening while working on paying household bills at my desk, just for curiosity sake I again pulled the CD album out of my desk and the ‘Dr. James Matthews’ DVD title was slanted at a diagonal. I knew my daughter hadn’t been in the office so it was clear that Holly was watching the DVD and it appeared that she was watching it every day. Just the thought of it made me hard but I decided not to say anything. Hey, it made me hard so why shouldn’t she get some pleasure from it as well.

Life was good as we were receiving monthly payments form our four doctor friends. We were enjoying our new pool on a daily basis. Family and friends were blown away by the transformation in our yard and my work at the firehouse was going really well. To top off our financial good fortune, we were pleasantly surprised when the fire department started talking to me about the possibility of me filling the Battalion Chief position when Ralph Jenson retired at the end of the year.

Every week the talks with district management became more serious and by the end of two months we signed the employment contracts and the position was mine starting November first. I would be shadowing Ralph for two months to learn the ropes and then be promoted to the official Battalion Chief position starting January 1st. That meant another extra thirty thousand dollars a year for our family on top of the extra $16,800 per year from the malpractice premiums we were collecting. Life was really looking good for the Walters family. Or so I thought…

With our extra windfalls of monthly cash, we decided to do a radical upgrade of our downstairs game room. Before the remodel, it was little more than a partially finished basement with high windows around the perimeter of the room. The laundry machines were in one corner and what furniture we had faced a large screen TV in the opposite corner. We had a pool table and a ping pong table and that’s why we called it our game room.

The whole area downstairs was as large as the upstairs of our house. As you can imagine, there was a lot of wasted space. We hired a contractor to turn it into a game room, a separate laundry room, a bathroom with shower and a guest bedroom. With some custom landscaping and steps we also made it a walk out basement to our back yard.

The construction crew got on it right away and the job was finished soon after the pool project was completed. Our house became very popular as party central. Not that we had wild parties or anything but we did tend to have lots of family and neighborhood gatherings. A lot of Jenny’s friends started hanging out at our place as well. We loved it!

About that same time, a group of five other friends and I started playing poker the first Thursday of each month in our new game room. I had purchased an actual poker table that the family also used for board games. Ours was just a friendly poker game with $5 limits so nobody could lose much.

Sometimes one of the guys would invite a guest to join us but we never had more than eight guys on any given night. Normally it was just the six of us. Holly would fix up some snacks for us to enjoy during the evening. Since we had a mini-kitchen with full size refrigerator and bar in the newly remodeled game room, we were all set with everything we needed in the way of beer and other refreshments.

Throughout our evenings, Holly would pop in from time to time to see how we were doing and if we needed anything. All the guys appreciated her appearances since often she was ready for bed by the time of her final visit. Don’t get me wrong, she always put on a robe or some sort of cover up but still, we could all tell there wasn’t anything under her sleep wear and I think we all got just a bit aroused by her visits.

Chuck was one of the regular players and of course he knew what had happened at Lou’s Tavern. Chuck and I still played golf together as well, so one day while waiting for our tee time to be called, our conversation turned to the hot time at Lou’s place. He tossed out a comment along the lines of; “Wouldn’t it be hot if she did the same thing for the guys at one of our poker nights?”

By now, it had been a year and a half since the night at Lou’s Tavern and over a year since The Lakeside Resort adventure. The more I thought about it, the sexier it all sounded. I couldn’t get the thought out of my mind of just how hot it would be to see Holly in action again. A couple of weeks later Chuck and I had lunch after golf. The other two guys in our foursome couldn’t join us because they had afternoon appointments, so it was just Chuck and I in the clubhouse cafe.

During lunch, I mentioned that I couldn’t get the idea of Holly acting like a ‘sex crazed woman’ for the regular poker guys out of my head. Chuck’s eyes lit up and he asked; “You mean, you really would consider something like that?”

Of course, he didn’t know about our weekend with Jim and the other doc’s at The Lakeside Resort. He asked; “But how could we make it happen without Jim being there?”

That’s when I told him that I was still very pissed off at Jim and there was no way in hell that he would ever step foot in my house. And furthermore, he certainly wasn’t ever going to get at Holly again. Chuck’s attitude took a dip when he thought that our poker night fun wouldn’t be happening. But he chirped right up when I told him that I had met with Jim after the Lou’s Tavern experience and Jim had enabled me to be able to put Holly under hypnosis and bring her out of it as well.

“You’re kidding! Do you mean that you can do the ear pinch deal and say the word ‘COMMENCE’ and Holly will do the same stuff she did at Lou’s?”

“That’s right!” I said, “Although I haven’t tried to put her into a hypnotic state yet. But Jim did have me bring Holly out of the hypnotic state just to show me how it worked.”

“Wait a minute! Does that mean that you and Jim hypnotized Holly again after we were all at Lou’s place last year?”

Now it was my turn to back-peddle, so I truthfully told him that I met with Jim for coffee and during that meeting I explained that I was uncomfortable with him being the only one to have this kind of power over my wife. I wanted him to train me how to do it, just in case Holly ever accidentally got into a hypnotic state when someone perchance said the words “COMMENCE” or “RELAX” or “AWAKE”. I told him that I wanted to be able to snap her out of it if something like that happened.

So, I told Chuck that Holly and I did meet with Jim so he could teach me how to handle the hypnosis thing. Everything I said to Chuck was true, I just neglected to mention that there were four psychiatrists at that meeting. Fortunately, he bought my explanation without asking any further questions. But that just got his gears to running faster when he asked: “So would you really consider putting Holly into a hypnotic state for us guys on one of our poker nights?”

I told him I would have to check with Holly first because I most certainly wouldn’t do it without her full consent.

Poker night was still two weeks away but I was getting hornier and hornier thinking of Holly being in action again after an entire year. This really surprised me because I had assumed that after our weekend at The Lakeside Resort, that would be the end of our extracurricular activities. Now I realized that I was hooked on having my bride act like a wild woman from time to time.

So, one night after dinner the three of us watched a kid’s DVD before we put Jenny down for the night. While Holly tucked her in and said good night, I poured each of us a glass of nice Chardonnay and waited for her in the living room. She came down and nestled in close to me and said; “This is a pleasant surprise. Did you have something on your mind?”

She knows me so well. I responded; “Well babe, there is something I wanted to talk about but quite frankly, I’m a little bit nervous to bring it up.”

“You mean after all the things we’ve been through there’s something that still makes you nervous?”

She didn’t know just how close she had hit upon what I wanted to discuss. So, I decided to just go for it. After taking a deep sip of wine I pressed on; “Well babe, Chuck and I had lunch last Saturday after golf and we got to reminiscing about the events that took place at Lou’s Tavern. I still can’t believe we are such good friends after the way he let me down when he was supposed to be watching out for your welfare. But the more we talked about it, the more I found myself getting turned on from the memories of watching your hot little body satisfying all those guys.”

I paused a little to let that soak in before going on. “One thing led to another and Chuck just casually said something. I think he was joking, but he said, ‘Wouldn’t it be great if we could get Holly under hypnosis with the poker guys some Thursday night?'”

Holly’s eyes got wide and she asked; “You can’t be seriously considering it, can you?”

I told her that I honestly couldn’t get it out of my mind and had been thinking about it all week since Saturday. Then I told her that this time would be entirely different from my perspective because both other times I was reduced to being only an observer but this time with the poker guys, I would be a full participant. She smiled and then asked how we could even do it without Jim being present. It was then that I realized there was one little detail about the weekend at The Lakeside Resort that I had never shared with her yet.

“Holly, when we were with the docs at the resort that weekend there is one additional little thing that took place that I guess I haven’t shared with you.”

She got large saucer eyes again as she looked at me asking; “OK, what have you been holding out? What else did I do?”

“Oh, it wasn’t anything else you did, it was something that I did.”

Again, she looked quizzically at me and now her eyes were filling up with suspicion as she asked; “OK, just what did you do? Was there another woman involved that I don’t know about?”

“No, No babe, nothing like that at all. What happened is, I told Jim I wasn’t comfortable with him being the only man to have this hypnotic control over you. I was worried that you might inadvertently hear one of the command words said and immediately get under hypnosis. I wanted a way to get you out of it without having to call on Jim.”

I went on to ask her if she understood my concern and she agreed that it could pose a problem. I went on to explain, “So, we solved it by him telling you while under hypnosis to respond to my voice commands when accompanied by the corresponding physical touches just as if you were responding to his voice. In fact, I was actually the one who told you to “AWAKE” that weekend.”

Again, Holly’s eyes got big and she asked: “So have you ever put me under hypnosis without me knowing it?”

I was quick to respond; “No babe, in fact I don’t really think that would even be possible because you would know if I were pinching your ear before I said the command. And besides, Jim isn’t sure whether you would respond to my putting you into a hypnotic state due to the fact that you would be conscious of what I was doing. But if you were ever again in a hypnotic state, he’s certain that you will now always respond to my voice just as readily as you would respond to his.

Holly felt more comfortable with that explanation and after taking another gulp of wine, with a twinkle in her eye she asked; “So, what were you thinking about the poker guys? Do you really want them to poke her?”

She giggled at her little pun. I expected her to be mad and was just a little bit stunned by the twinkle in her eye. So, I couldn’t help but ask.

“What would you think about it?”

She said; “Well we both know how hot our sex life became after each of those two events. And now that it’s been over a year, I guess I wouldn’t mind since I’m never aware of anything that’s happening anyway. I suppose it’s really up to you since you’re the one who has to see your wife acting like a little sex crazed woman.”

I was beside myself by her response; no anger, no disgust, no bickering and no begging on my part, she basically just responded with a simple; “I’m OK if you’re OK.”

Wow!! Her answer also gave me an insight into her internal thought process. It seems that since she’s totally unaware of what is happening to her, it’s almost like she wasn’t involved. It’s as if it were happening to some other person and not to her. With that in mind, she knows that after the events, she is much more open to new experiences in our own personal sex life and that part of it apparently excites her a great deal.

I kind of wondered how she would act if she were awake and aware of what was happening instead of being under hypnosis. I’m pretty certain that if she were in her right mind, she would never do the things I’ve seen her do while in a hypnotic state. Especially considering her conservative, purity pledge view of morality and marriage. Nonetheless, I was getting more excited by the minute at the thought of seeing her in action again. I couldn’t wait to tell Chuck and the other guys.

Holly and I didn’t talk about it too much the next couple of days because I was afraid that the more she thought about doing the poker guys the greater the likelihood that she would back out. But the week of our regular poker night she and I did talk while we were in bed. It was Monday night and I reminded her that this is the week the poker guys were coming over on Thursday. She somewhat surprised me by saying;

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