A Free Slate – Session 23 – Dirty Sex on Sofa

“Yes, I know and I haven’t been able to get it out of my mind ever since our conversation.”

“So, does that mean you are excited about it? Or are you nervous about it? Or are you thinking of calling it off?”

Holly paused for a while and I began to think she wasn’t going to respond at all when she quietly said; “Well, I’m not ready to call it off but at the same time I wouldn’t be honest if I were to tell you that I wasn’t a bit nervous about the whole thing. After all, I didn’t know the doctors, they were strangers to me. But I know these guys and I know their wives! I just don’t want to do anything that would put other marriages in jeopardy.”

“That’s an honest answer babe and one worth thinking about. What would you say if early in the evening I explain to the guys what our experience was at Lou’s Tavern so I can judge their response. Chuck can back me up by adding his comments since we will be letting them know that he was there.”

“If all the guys express a desire for something like that to happen with them I will tell them that it can. I could go on to explain that we would simply stop playing poker at 10:00pm instead of 11:00 or 12:00pm as is our normal time. I could explain to them that after we take a short break, I would ask you to come down so I could put you into a hypnotic state and then you could serve us our special final coarse of refreshments so to speak.”

“I will also explain that if any of them were uncomfortable they could just bow out and head home at 10:00 with no repercussions and no snide remarks from any of us. What do you think about that idea?”

Holly smiled and said; “Well, I guess that makes me a little more comfortable with the guys but I’m still not sure how the wives will respond if and when they find out what happens.”

I assured her that I really doubted that any of them would find out but if they did, we could hide behind the fact that she was under hypnosis and that she wasn’t really aware of what she was doing. Of course, there would be some explaining to do but at least she would be somewhat in the clear.

Holly just responded by saying; “I guess that will work.”

After our little discussion in bed we made passionate love that night. Then we both drifted off to sleep with her nestled up close to me with my semi-hard cock resting between her beautiful ass cheeks. Holly slept soundly but I seemed to be having erotic dreams all night long.

Wednesday night she started asking me what kind of thing I wanted her to prepare as refreshments for the guys. We settled on the normal chips & dips along with pizza rolls that she could just pick up at Costco so it wouldn’t be a big burden on her. Then she asked what I wanted her to wear.

I suggested she wear her tight white short shorts that she looked so hot in. And on top I asked her to wear a loose-fitting peasant blouse that I always liked. I suggested this knowing that every time she bent over, at least half of the guys at the table would be getting an eyeful of her gorgeous 36C breasts.

She didn’t really need to, but she asked anyway about a bra and I told her if she was comfortable, it would be more exciting if she went without. She just smiled saying that sounded good to her and then she asked one more question; “So just to make sure I understand what the whole situation is; Chuck is the only guy who knows what happened at Lou’s Tavern is that correct?”

I responded in the affirmative and she added another question;

“And no one at all except you knows about The Lakeside Resort; Is that right?”

Again, I assured her that no one, not even Chuck knew about our weekend with the four doctors. She was obviously relieved. Then she asked me how I was going to introduce the whole situation to the guys so I went over my little preplanned speech. I also told her that the guys who were uncomfortable would be heading home at 10:00 but the rest of the guys would stick around for her final visit of the evening. I told her that she should come downstairs about 10:10 but this time she should be wearing her little black teddy. She asked; “What about a robe or cover up?”

“That’s entirely up to you babe, you decide what’s most comfortable for you.”

She snuggled up to me in bed and said; “Sounds like fun to me, I only hope it will be fun for you as well!”

Thursday night the guys began showing up about a quarter til seven and by ten after we were dealing the cards for our first game. Once everyone had a couple of beers under their belt, Chuck and I began asking about the hottest things any of our wives had ever done. Fortunately, Jeff pipped up that one time he and Brenda were out water skiing at the lake. When they were taking a break, Brenda took her top off and was lounging in the sun on the bench seat at the back of the boat. Anyone passing by could easily see her in all her glory. He said he had a hard on the rest of the day and that night their sex was out of this world.

Wally then told about the time that he and June had gone to the Caribbean and by chance stumbled onto a clothing optional beach. At first, they kept their swimsuits on but by lunch time they were both naked as jay birds and having a great time. The sun was intense, so about 2:00 they went back to their bungalow and within seconds of closing the door they were stripped and rolling around on the bed like a couple of teenagers.

Everyone was getting a kick out of the direction our conversation was going and that’s when Chuck asked if I wanted to tell the guys what happened with Holly at Lou’s Tavern. (This is the way he and I decided we would get into the story of Jim the psychiatrist).

I said; “Oh gosh, I don’t know, it’s kind of embarrassing.”

Of course, the guys played right into our hands and started pressing me to share the story. So, I shared the whole thing and you could have heard a pin drop.

At first, we were still playing poker while sharing our stories, but by the time I told them about my return to the Tavern near closing time and how I walked into Lou’s office, all cards were face down on the table and all eyes were on me. I even shared with them about the three specific commands that Holly responds to under hypnosis and how she responds. When I finished, they started asking me if Holly ever found out what had happened, so of course I told them how over the next couple of weeks after the event, I shared every detail with her.

The guys were all amazed but the big shock came when I told them how Holly and I had met with Jim later and he taught me how to put Holly into the same hypnotic state. And also how to get her to wake up out of hypnosis. Inevitably as expected one of them asked if I had ever hypnotized her since that night.

I responded, “Not really, except that Jim put her under hypnosis and I woke her up just so I could see how it worked.” Then I said; “Come on guys, let’s keep playing, I feel like winning some more of your money.”

Rich dealt the next hand and as a matter of fact, I did win that hand so I said: “Gosh guys, I feel so good about taking your money, how would you feel if I brought Holly down tonight and put her into a hypnotic state? That way you could see her act like a ‘sex crazed woman’ right before your eyes.”

There were shouts of excitement all around the table and Jeff then asked; “Do you mean that she would give us blow jobs and let us fuck her?”

“Well, that’s the general idea. Once she is in that hypnotic state, there is no stopping her until I give her the “RELAX” command and then ultimately snap her out of it with the “AWAKE” command.”

We tried to play another hand of Texas Hold Em but it was clear that everyone’s mind was on something else so I finally said; “Tell you what: Let’s play poker until ten o-clock. I’m sure Holly will be coming down before then to check on our drinks and snacks. When she does, you can look her over and decide what you want to do.” I paused to let that settle in a bit before continuing.

“At 10:00 if you’re not comfortable with where this might be heading you can go home with no questions asked. If you want to stay, Holly usually comes down shortly after 10:00 for one last time to check on us before going to bed. I’ll talk to her, and if she is up for it; I will put her into a hypnotic state and we can play around for a couple of hours but I want everyone out of here by midnight. What do you say?”

The guys were blown away but clearly very excited.

About 8:30 Holly did come down in her shorts and peasant top. She flirted with the guys and intentionally bent over a few times which opened the neck line of her top to the pleasant surprise of the guys. She brought us more beers and a fresh bowl of tortilla chips. The guys were talking about how hot she was as she went back upstairs to watch TV. Again about 9:15 she made another trip downstairs with hot out of the oven pizza rolls. Again, she bent over as she put three plates of pizza rolls on the table for us to share.

Again, there was a lot of laughing and flirting going on as her full tits were on display every time she bent over to serve us. Chuck and Kyle were both commenting on her amazing figure and referring to her hard nipples. Holly of course blushed on cue and laughingly slapped Kyle’s hand as he started to reach out to pinch her bottom.

After she went back upstairs we kept playing but none of us were thinking very much about poker anymore. I sat out that hand and told the guys that I was going upstairs to talk with Holly and see if she was willing to go under hypnosis. A couple of the guys wished me luck and I walked up the stairs. Of course, they had no idea that Holly and I had already been talking about this for a couple of weeks and she had already agreed.

Even so, I wanted to spend a few minutes with her to assure her of my love and of my willingness for this to happen. After about ten minutes’ upstairs, I made my way back to the game room and simply gave the guys the universal thumbs up sign using both hands. They all cheered as I sat down and joined in the final rounds of poker.

I kept watching the clock as the minutes seemed to drag along. I again briefly explained the three commands that Holly responded to under hypnosis. I also told them, lest they get any hair brained ideas, that she only responded to my voice and to the voice of the psychiatrist who first put her under hypnosis. They couldn’t wait for me to give the “COMMENCE” command to her.

Finally, at 10:00 we put away the cards and started cleaning up the left-over snack items. I told the guys that now is the time for them to decide what they wanted to do. As expected, not even one of us six guys wanted to leave. So, we tried to keep ourselves busy with clean up chores while waiting for Holly to make her much anticipated final appearance for the night.

At ten after, right on schedule we saw Holly’s bare legs and bare feet starting to seductively descend the stairs. Everyone’s jaw dropped as she came into full view in her sexy, black, see through teddy. We could clearly see her magnificent tits with their half dollar size dark areola’s surrounding her pencil eraser hard nipples.

Wow! She never ceases to amaze me and I keep pinching myself at being such a lucky guy. When she reached the bottom step she asked in a husky voice, “Hi boys, can I get you anything else for the evening?”

To which I responded, “So glad you could join us babe, it seems that these guys all want to play around a little bit before they head for home.”

“Well, I’m not exactly sure what happens but my wonderful hubby tells me that I can put on quite a show when I’m under hypnosis. Would you boys like to see a show like that?”

The whole game room erupted into hoots and hollers. It’s a good thing Jenny was spending the night at one of her neighbor friends, otherwise she would have come running downstairs to see what was going on. Come to think of it, her little friend’s dad was one of the six guys sitting there with his tongue hanging out.

Holly walked right up to me and planted a sensuous kiss on my lips complete with a little bit of tongue action and said; “What do you say honey, shall I entertain these guys?”

“Well babe, we’re game if you are.”

With that I turned her around so she was facing the guys. Chuck was the closest to her as I put my thumb in her ear and my index finger on the back of her ear and then pressed her imaginary button while saying the first command; “COMMENCE”.

Normally, when Jim did this, Holly would instantly turn into a ‘sex crazed woman’, but this time Holly just stood there for a few seconds staring at Chuck. I was starting to think it wasn’t working when suddenly Holly reached out and grabbed Chuck by his shirt collar and dragged him to her as she planted a wet slobbery kiss on his face while at the same time she began unbuttoning his shirt. Within seconds Chuck’s shirt was tossed onto the poker table and she was kissing his chest and sucking on his nipples.

Ironically, in all the times I had seen her in action, this is the first time I had ever seen her suck on a guy’s nipples. She never even did that to me, but I was pretty sure that this is one of those fringe benefits I would start to experience in the coming weeks. Her nimble fingers started undoing his belt and before long Chucks pants and bright blue jockey briefs were at his ankles while she was slipping his loafers off his feet along with his socks.

You would think he would have been a bit embarrassed since everyone else was fully clothed except for Holly in her teddy and yet, there was Chuck, naked as the day he was born with a stiff cock aimed straight for Holly’s mouth. She quickly sucked the engorged penis into her mouth and started giving him a blowjob that got all of us hard just from watching.

Within moments Jeff ripped his T Shirt off his chest and started taking his pants and shoes off. Not to be outdone, the rest of us literally followed suit and there we were standing around Chuck and Holly holding on to our dongs while watching them go at it. What finally got Chuck to shoot his load is when Holly deep throated his implement and buried her lips into his pubic hair. Then with a deep groan, Chuck began shooting off directly down her throat and into her tummy.

As she licked the cum off his cock she was looking about the room at five more cocks in all shapes and sizes huddled around she and Chuck. Her eyes lit up and she said; “Looks like we’re going to be having a little bit of fun tonight!”

She kept licking Chucks cock as she reached out and took Jeff’s cock in her right hand and then looking to her left she grabbed hold of Rich in a similar manner. She pulled those two guys closer and started playing with them while finishing up with Chuck. Then she playfully pushed on Chuck’s stomach saying, “You’re done for a few minutes, step aside kiddo.”

Chuck backed up while Jeff and Rich stepped next to each other. It was exciting to watch Holly’s lips move from one cock to the other as she sucked and licked from their balls to their tip. Groans and growls were heard all around the room. That’s when Jeff asked me a question; “So Rob, is she really under hypnosis? She seems like she is in full control of her senses.”

Of course, the other guys heard his question but Holly just kept working away at their cocks as if nothing had been said. That’s when I told them that she seems to be in full control but the fact remains that when we’re finished, she won’t remember a single thing that she is doing.

I went on to explain that what we are seeing and enjoying is not even part of her conscious mind. I told them it was similar to someone who is sleepwalking. I added; “She probably didn’t even register that you were just now asking me this question.”

Jeff just said; “Wow, this is amazing! And to think that tomorrow we will have all these amazing memories and she won’t remember a single thing.”

I just looked around the circle and told them they haven’t seen anything yet, just wait until she really gets going! She went completely around the circle deep throating each one of us until we all dumped our load either into her mouth or straight down her throat and into her stomach. Holly was a real trooper swallowing all six loads.

Of course, she has swallowed for me before but I was still amazed to see her take six loads within about thirty minutes. I was the last to receive my blow job and then we were back to Chuck. Once again Holly looked up at him and said; “OK big boy, let’s get this train really rolling down the track. Lay down here on the rug, I want to ride your big juicy cock like Annie Oakley riding on her pinto.”

Chuck didn’t need to be told twice what to do so he laid down in front of the wood stove where we had a fake bear skin rug. There he was with his hard cock pointing straight up at the ceiling. Holly slipped her panties off while I pulled the rest of the teddy up and off her head. Needless to say, she was gorgeous!

Next, she squatted over Chuck and taking his cock in her right hand while her left hand was on his chest to help balance her weight. With lust in her eyes, she guided his handsome dick into her now dripping love channel. The look on Chuck’s face was priceless.

Of course, the other guys now knew that this was his second experience with my beautiful wife. When his eyes met mine, I just gave him a knowing wink while he smiled back giving me the thumbs up sign. Holly lowered herself onto his shaft until her buttocks was resting on his belly. He had a slight little beer belly but it just acted like a nice cushion for Holly’s butt.

Once she rested for a few seconds she started raising and lowering herself using her knees. I don’t think I will ever tire of this sexy scene as my amazing wife gets her rocks off on another guy’s cock. Of course, I would never stand for her doing anything like this without me being present and in control but sharing her willingly seems way different than if she were cheating on me.

Chuck couldn’t resist getting his hands on those perky tits of hers so he reached out taking one tit in each hand as he massaged her and began to twirl her rock-hard nipples between his thumbs and index fingers. The rest of us were unconsciously rubbing ourselves in anxious anticipation of our turn at her pussy. I was proud of my buddy Chuck because he lasted nearly five minutes before he started to buck and groan. He was doing that as he pushed his second load of the night into my conservative, church going, purity pledge wife.

We could tell that Holly was right on the edge of having her first orgasm of the night but it didn’t quite happen before Chuck was finished. She got off his limp body and grinned as she asked; “OK boys, I’m horny and ready for my first big ‘O’ for the night, who’s going to give it to me?”

Jeff was quick to shout, “Let it be me! Please oh please, let it be me!”

We all chuckled at his anxiousness but were even more amazed to see what he did. Jeff just led Holly over to the couch and had her sit down with her hips near the front of the cushion. Then he got down between her knees and buried his face in her crotch.

Even Holly was noticeably stupefied as she watched this young muscular stud slurping another man’s cum directly from her wet pussy lips. I wasn’t sure I would ever do what Jeff was doing but I had to admit it looked really hot. All of us just stood with a blank but excited look on our faces as we saw Holly began to thrash about on the couch. Her orgasm was building to a crescendo the likes of which I don’t think I’ve ever seen in her before.

You need to remember that I had already seen her have some very strong orgasms with ten different men. Six guys at Lou’s Tavern and four doctors at The Lakeside Resort. Additionally, I had enjoyed twelve plus years of watching her cum throughout our very active sex life together. But this orgasm was huge! She just went on and on until her eyes nearly rolled back in her head and all this from oral sex!

Then, when I thought she might be on the verge of passing out, she got the most lust filled look on her face as her eyes bored into the top of Jeff’s head. She grabbed his hair yanking his face up to hers where their lips met with ferocious velocity. I remember thinking, it’s a good thing their teeth didn’t hit one another or I’m certain someone would have ended up with a chipped tooth.

I had never seen her like this and then I heard her speak in an almost guttural voice saying: “Get that cock in my pussy right now mister and fuck my brains out!”

Wow! I had never heard that kind of talk coming from my beautiful little bride. I remember thinking that her language truly confirms that these are obviously the actions of a thoroughly hypnotized slut. I tried to get in position to catch her eye but even when I was where I could see her face clearly, she only had eyes for Jeff. He was pounding her and she was grunting with each of his thrusts. There is no other way to explain it except to say she was totally lost in her lust for Jeff’s cock.

He lasted about the same as Chuck and within five minutes of insertion he was wailing out as he shot his spunk deep into her cunt. Jeff sagged down on top of Holly and then one of the funniest things happened as she shoved him off and looking up at the five guys standing around her she said; “Golly boys, that was a fun start, who’s next?”

No one moved for a few seconds because we were all so stunned by the action we had just witnessed. Wanting to keep things moving, I gave Kyle a little push in his back and he timidly stepped forward. Kyle wasn’t as big as Jeff but he had an uncircumcised dick, which from past experience I knew really fascinated Holly. When she saw him step forward she first got on her knees in front of him.

For the second time this evening he was getting an expert blow job from what I believe to be the world’s best cock sucker. She didn’t want him to blow his load, she just liked licking around his foreskin and playing with it between her teeth. After a few minutes playing with his cock and foreskin, she just lay back on the floor and said; “Come and get it!”

Kyle was no dummy and he knew a good thing when it was staring him in the face. He got down on the floor and started plunging hard and fast into my wife’s slippery love chute. The sound was incredibly loud as we heard each squishy plunge accompanied with a grunt from Kyle and a groan from Holly. It’s almost like they were making music together with the added percussion of his ball sack slapping her ass. What sexy music it was! I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of the group STOMP, but that’s what it reminded me of.

Kyle lasted a few minutes longer than either Chuck or Jeff before he lost control and let loose with a fresh stream of jizzum. He was bucking so hard that a couple times he popped out of her even while shooting his load. When he did, it shot up on her stomach and onto her thighs before, like Jeff, he just collapsed on top of my petite wife. In so doing, he was smearing the spilt sperm all over both of their stomachs and upper legs.

When he finally climbed off, Holly had a big smile on her face and she started massaging their mixed juices into her skin as if it were the most expensive lotion money could buy. Then, still smiling she stood up and said; “Three down, three to go but, my ass is getting sore from all this floor action.”

Grabbing Rich’s hand, she said to him, “Come on lover, let’s have some dirty sex on the sofa!”

Now it was Rich’s turn to have a big smile on his face as he looked at the rest of us while Holly led him to the large leather sectional facing the big screen TV. Holly laid down on her back with one foot propped up on the back of the sofa and her other foot planted on the floor. This opened her sex up to the point that all of us could look deep inside. I’m sure this is an exaggeration but it seemed as if we could see at least three or four inches into her body before it was too dark to see any more.

Rich first buried his face in Holly’s beautiful tits as he kissed, licked and sucked from one to the other. Holly loves having her little love bags played with so she was really getting into it. She was just on the verge of another orgasm when Rich slid his body up hers until their lips locked in a very sensual kiss.

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