A Free Slate – Session 24 – opposite poles of magnet

And do I ever mean sensual! In all the times I have seen her with other guys I had never seen a kiss like this one. Oh, to be sure there were kisses with nearly all of her previous lovers. There was even a lot of tongue action with some of the others. But there was something about this kiss that set it apart from all the rest.

To be honest, this is the first time I ever felt a bit of jealousy creep into my heart. She was kissing Rich like a wife would kiss her husband when they were alone in the privacy of their bedroom after a month-long separation. Then, in the midst of their kiss, we could see Rich lift his hips allowing his rock hard, long and straight cock to search for her opening.

It was as if two opposite polls of magnets were being drawn to each other. Without using their hands or even looking at where they were in proximity to one another, Rich’s cock slipped straight into Holly’s waiting pussy. It was amazing and a thing of beauty in many ways. There was no poking around looking for the opening, no missed shots. They just slid together as if they were made for each other. This wasn’t just sex, this was love making and I’ll admit, I was getting downright uncomfortable with it.

Holly and Rich stared into one another’s eyes like long lost lovers. I’ve never read any of those trashy women’s romance novels, but that’s what came to mind watching the two of them. Holly and Rich went on longer than any of the others. Their love making went for nearly fifteen minutes of pure sensual rapture.

I’ve got to tell you that I was truly glad that I knew she was under a hypnotic trance At least this way she wouldn’t remember what was happening between the two of them. There was definitely some kind of unique and special chemistry going on. I was just hoping that I would be able to forget what I was witnessing before it tore me up emotionally.

Finally, their passion turned into lust and they started fucking till he came with what seemed like the biggest load anyone had ever shot into her. It was obvious to all of us that they were finished but rather than separating, they just lay still, looking deeply into one another’s soul’s. I was so uncomfortable that I had to break it up by saying; “That looked like fun you two, but the fun’s over, a couple of us are still waiting our turns.”

That broke Holly’s focus on Rich and she looked up at me blushing with an embarrassed expression on her face. I think we both knew that something different had just been triggered for the first time in our relationship. I remember how troubled and full of questions I was as I looked her in the eyes. Something was definitely not right. But I didn’t want to let on to the other guys just how bothered I was by what happened between Rich and Holly.

As soon as Rich got off her body, she stood up now just staring into my eyes saying; “Guys, I hope you don’t mind but I really need to make love to my husband next.”

I couldn’t quite read the expression in her eyes but it was something between an apology and lust mixed with some honest to goodness guilt. Yet, at the same time her expression was combined with deep compassionate love. I grabbed her in my arms and kissed her like it was the first kiss after an extended absence.

She kissed me right back with the same passion and I knew that for once in my life my decision to kiss her rather than yell at her was the right thing to do. As our kiss broke she said; “It’s OK baby, you need to remember that you’re still the only guy for me.”

My heart fluttered while we were standing in a tight embrace. I just slid my hips back, slightly bent my knees as Holly grabbed my pecker and aimed it right into her used and abused kitty. We never broke our embrace but actually hugged each other even tighter.

Then with a little hop, Holly wrapped her legs around my waist so there we were standing and locked together. I was holding her up using just my cock and my hands under her butt cheeks. We had never done it in this position before and I was amazed at how easy it was to maintain our balance. With her hips and strong thighs Holly began to bounce up and down on my enraged cock.

The guys knowing that something very special was taking place between us started clapping and cheering us on until we both came together in a spontaneously huge climax. Still connected; Holly put her head on my shoulder and said; “I love you more than life itself!”

Hugging her even closer as my penis began to shrink out of her opening I said; “You’re the best wife in the entire world. I love you with all my heart.”

Slowly I allowed Holly’s feet to get back on the floor and noticed that it was already getting on toward 11:30pm. So, looking around at the guys and at Holly I said; “Look guys, I know that we still have one more guy to go but I think Holly could use about a ten-minute break, is that OK with all of you?”

Of course, Wally was primed to go but how could he deny that Holly could use a break. So, when he nodded, I looked at my well used wife and said; “Holly, we’re going to take a little break but first here’s a damp towel for you so you can clean yourself up a bit.”

“Sounds good to me.”

She gratefully took the towel and began to wipe herself down. When she was finished, I wrapped my fingers around the pinky finger on her right hand and gave the command, “Holly, RELAX”.

Again, I was just a bit perplexed because whenever Jim gave this command she would just immediately slump to the floor or bed or chair or wherever she was. This time instead of just collapsing, she grabbed a throw pillow off the couch then stooped down on one knee and gently laid on the couch with her head on the pillow.

She did assume the appearance of being totally relaxed, so the upshot was the same but the method was a bit different. I didn’t give it too much thought but was just curious while I grabbed another beer as did the other guys. We allowed Holly to rest for about ten minutes while we were sharing our excitement with one another. There were a lot of high fives and back slapping going on.

After the short break, I asked; “Well, Wally, are you up for your turn?”

We all chuckled as we looked at his limp but good sized cock. But as he turned to face Holly, immediately his cock began to grow. He nodded yes with his head as well as with his cock. Now I must tell you that I saved the best for last in honor of my beautiful bride.

While Wally’s wasn’t a monster cock it was definitely the best looking of all the guys in the room. His was easily the biggest among the six of us. Straight with heavy veins and moderately thick with a mushroom head that looked in perfect proportion to the rest of his body. I don’t seem to have a gay bone in my body, but if I were so inclined, even I would have craved this perfectly proportioned cock.

Not only that, but Wally was an all-around, very good looking guy. Not movie star or anything like that, but just looking at him you had the idea that he could have been one if he had tried. He definitely had the look of a star athlete in school, he was just that type of guy. All the girls loved his looks as well as his great personality.

Even Holly, on several occasions had said that his wife June was a very lucky woman. I semi jokingly asked him; “This isn’t going to get you in trouble with June, is it?”

He thought I was being serious when he answered that he and June had a wonderful relationship. He went on to say that as long as he openly and honestly told her about everything that happens, he was sure she would be OK with all of it. I did a double take at that answer and was pleasantly surprised and curious as thoughts and images of his amazing ‘Junebug’ popped into my mind. But at the same time, I was wondering if we could keep this whole thing a secret from the rest of the wives if he told June all about it.

I walked into the center of the room where Holly lay resting and knelt down next to her. When I did she turned her head, and looked up at me. Again, this was a bit different than I had witnessed before. When I watched her with the psychiatrist, she was always out of it until he gave her the next command.

Nonetheless, as I reached down placing my thumb in her left ear and my index finger behind that same ear I gently pressed her imaginary button and said, “Holly, we have one more gentleman who has been patiently waiting his turn; … COMMENCE.”

Immediately she stood up and said; “Now where’s Wally? It seems we have some unfinished business.”

Wally of course was right there with the rest of us and when she spotted him she threw her arms around his neck and planted a succulent kiss on his lips. Wally wrapped my wife in his arms and said; “I’ve wanted to have you ever since I first laid eyes on you five years ago.”

“Well believe it or not, the feeling has been mutual all along.”

This admission from her bothered me because I couldn’t tell if she had really been wanting to have sex with him for the past five years or if this was just a hypnotic expression she was giving. Wally gently laid Holly down on the thick fur rug and began to explore her body with his kisses and roaming hands.

It was actually a thing of beauty to see how he played her like a fine instrument. He would bring her to the cusp of orgasm and then cool her down. He did this again and again. Their foreplay went on for nearly fifteen minutes, much longer than any of the other guys and it was driving Holly wild with anticipation.

Finally, she grabbed his cock and gave him a few good licks along with a quick trip down her throat and then she said; “OK big guy, let’s do this!”

And with that she guided him into her rested hole. They went at it for another ten minutes when Wally said, “Holly, I want to do you doggy style.”

“Oh goody, that’s one of my favorite positions and nobody has done that yet tonight.”

She got on her hands and knees and we all marveled at the supple curve of her back and her glorious ass as she wiggled it at Wally. Once he mounted her they both only lasted about another five minutes before the room was filled with their oohs and awes.

I looked down at Holly and said, “Holly, its nearly midnight and everyone has had a turn so I guess we’re about done for the evening.”

Much to my surprise she said; “Rob honey, can I chose one more thing as a treat for myself before we’re finished?”

She sounded so much in control of her voice and mental faculties when she said it in her completely normal fashion. I naturally said; “Of course honey, what would you like to have happen?”

She got up off the floor and picked up one of the low benches we had along the wall next to the pool table. She brought the bench to the middle of the room, neatly folded the lap blanket lengthwise and laid it on the bench and then she said; “I want Chuck to lay back on this bench and I’m going to mount his wonderful cock.”

Chuck immediately got a huge grin on his face as he stepped toward the bench. He was hard again before his head hit the blanket. Then she said, “Once Chuck and I are fully engaged, then I want my loving husband to stick his dick in my rear end so I can be double teamed for the first time in my life. Then while we’re going at it, I want the rest of you fellas to jack off spilling your amazing cum all over my back.”

I couldn’t believe it! Here was my loving, conservative, church going, purity pledge wife wanting me to take her ass in front of some of my best friends while they spilled their seed all over her body! Who is this woman? And where did she learn the term “double teamed?”

We had done anal before but only three times in all the years of our marriage. She wasn’t really into it as much as I was and our sex life has been so incredible I never pushed it. But here she was asking for it! The last time we did it was probably over five years ago. Her asking for such a thing was especially exciting for me because whenever she had been with other guys, including tonight, I had made it clear to them that her ass was off limits.

We all watched as she mounted Chuck. At first, she stayed in the standing position and just did squats on his erection while she straddled him and the bench. We could clearly see the mating taking place from first entry to full emersion and was it ever hot!

Then she laid down on Chuck while planting a sensual kiss on his lips. Once they were both in the prone position I straddled the bench and worked my way to her sexy bottom. Her little rose bud was already lubricated from all the cum that had been seeping into her crack from the night’s activities but in addition, I had brought a tube of Astro-glide down to the game room even though up until now, no one had needed it.

I squeezed some pre-cum out of my cock slit and rubbed it all around the head of my penis and then added a healthy glob of Astro-glide to my shank and aimed it for her puckered hole. As I did, I led with my index finger rubbing her ass and inserting my finger into her up to the first knuckle. After each thrust with my finger I would pull my finger out of her ass and rub it all over her clit and through the glob of stuff to get more and more lubrication for her tight little butt hole.

Holly was moaning with pleasure as I added one more finger, opening her even wider. Then I withdrew my fingers and placed my cock right on the now opened hole. With joy I pushed in until my cock head popped inside her anal ring. Holly let out a huge groan so I held it there, just moving my hips in time with Holly and Chuck’s small movements.

Then slowly I pushed into her tight canal. God, it was amazing! I could actually feel Chuck’s member as he slid in and out of her pussy. I guess this is what best friends are for. Within a few seconds, I was in up to my balls and in that position my ball sack was being rubbed by Chucks cock as he pumped away at her from down below. I can’t really explain how amazing this all felt, especially the fact of having guys watch as I took my wife’s ass.

I didn’t last as long as I had hoped and within about five minutes I shouted out; “I’m coming babe and my juice is going to fill your beautiful ass to overflowing.”

That was enough to set both Holly and Chuck off at the same time so there we were, three simultaneous orgasms with shouts and screams and grunts and groans. The other four guys had been pumping their cocks on either side of Holly’s back and they all cut loose at just about the same time completely covering her back and her butt in their spunk. Some even got into her hair on the back of her head.

She was a mess! But oh, what a sexy mess she was. As I backed away from her my semi-erect cock came out of her ass with an audible pop which for some reason a couple of us found quite funny and caused us to spontaneously laugh out loud. Holly still lay on top of Chuck and up until this point he had been really excited about everything that had just happened.

But now, as my cum ran out of her little butt hole and onto his crotch and some of the mess on her back rolled down her sides and onto his stomach and chest he started to get an uncomfortable expression on his face. I quickly picked up a towel and started to clean up her back and butt. Holly smiled at me as she sat upright and got off Chuck. I tossed him a clean towel so he could wipe himself down.

Then I looked at my poker buddies and said; “Well guys, it’s after midnight now and it looks like we’ve had a pretty good evening, haven’t we?”

To a man, the guys first thanked Holly and then they expressed their gratitude to me for sharing my lovely and incredibly sexy wife with them. At that point, I looked at my wife and said: “Holly, let’s allow you to rest a few minutes while the guys get dressed and head for home.”

With that, I wrapped my hand around the pinky finger of her right hand and said: “RELAX”. Holly stepped over to the couch and immediately laid down with her eyes closed and a huge smile on her face. Again, she didn’t just collapse as she had with Jim but by now I didn’t think much of it. The guys got dressed and started heading up the stairs and out the front door.

Chuck and I were finally left alone with a resting Holly. He and I cleaned up the last of the dishes and empty dip bowls. We even got them loaded into the dishwasher up in the kitchen. Then we went back down and gathered up the left-over chips and paper products to put them away as well. We even cleaned off the poker table so everything looked as Holly would like it.

Chuck asked if I was going to wake Holly up soon because he would like to thank her once again. I told him that I would thank her for him but if it was all the same to him, I would like to be alone with her when I brought her out of hypnosis. Holly still had that grin on her face as we talked and Chuck shook my hand while once again saying; “Thanks again Rob, you’re a real friend.”

I waited with Holly until Chuck had made his way upstairs and we heard the front door close behind him. I then knelt in front of Holly’s face and gently brushed her messed up hair with my fingers. Bending closer, I placed a kiss on her forehead and even though I knew she couldn’t really register my words, I said: “Holly, I love you more than you could ever imagine and I feel like the luckiest man in the world.”

Even though she was in a relaxed hypnotic state, I saw her smile widen at my words. Next I placed my thumbs and forefingers on either side of each ear lobe and while lightly pinching each lobe I said: “Holly, we’re finished now; AWAKE!”

Holly’s eyes opened wide, and with a huge smile on her face she threw her arms around me and started laughing out loud convulsively. She just couldn’t stop laughing and before I knew it, I was laughing right along with her since laughter tends to be contagious every time you hear it. She was laughing so hard tears started rolling down her cheeks.

Finally, I caught my breath to ask her what was so funny and that’s when I got the shock of my life. She looked straight in my eyes and responded; “Oh honey, do you promise not to get mad at me over what happened here tonight?”

“Of course, I promise. After all, this was my idea. How could I possibly be mad at you for fulfilling my wildest fantasy?”

Then she dropped her bombshell; “Rob, don’t get upset but the hypnosis didn’t work! I was fully awake and fully aware of everything that happened here tonight.”

I just looked at her and said what I’ve heard our kids say; “Wait… What?”

She chuckled again at my attempt at being hip and said; “I’m sure glad you let me watch the video you made of the doctors and I at The Lakeside Resort, otherwise I wouldn’t have known how I was supposed to responded to those three commands while I was under hypnosis. But as it was, I think I faked it pretty well, don’t you?”

Still stunned I said; “Well yeah I thought you were under hypnosis the whole time. You mean to tell me all that cock sucking and fucking and swallowing and being double teamed was you acting of your own free will?”

She looked in my eyes again and with a twinkle in hers she answered; “That’s right baby. So are you mad at your little slut wife because tonight I really was a slut tonight and I knew exactly what I was doing.”

I didn’t quite know what to say since this threw a whole new dimension into the equation. Quite honestly, I wasn’t sure how I felt knowing that my loving wife, doting mother, conservative Christian, church going woman, PTA mom, purity pledge bride had now knowingly fucked the brains out of six guys in the same evening in what could now only be called a gang bang.

I had to sit down as I put my hands on my face rubbing my eyes withou saying another word. Holly was obviously nervous now as she gingerly sat her naked body down next to me and grabbed hold of my arm. “Say something honey. Am I in trouble? Should I have put a stop to it when you said ‘COMMENCE’ and I knew that nothing had happened? Oh honey, please say something.”

Again, there were tears running down her cheeks but this time they weren’t from uncontrollable laughter. This time they were tears of fear and dread. I know exactly why she was full of fear and dread because quite frankly I was too. It’s one thing to see your wife act the part of a wanton sex crazed woman when she is under hypnosis and not in her right mind. But it’s a whole different dimension to know that the woman who just knowingly fucked and sucked six guys with a full-on DP thrown into the mix was your previously faithful wife and mother of your children.

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