A Free Slate – Session 25 – Way to Palace

Quite honestly, I didn’t know that to think. Could I accept what she had done? But then on the other hand, who am I to throw in objections when I was the one that set this whole thing up with the help from my best friend Chuck? Will we ever be able to be a normal couple again? Do I want us to be a “normal” couple? Who is this woman who is now sobbing in front of me? Do I still love her? Can I ever respect her again? Will it be possible for her to ever respect me again now fully knowing what I set her up to do?

My attention again focused on the woman sobbing at my feet with her arms wrapped around both of my legs. Do I still love her? Of course I do! No questions about it. I’m just not sure right at the moment if we can ever allow something like what happened tonight to ever take place again. But for now, she is confused and hurting and I knew it was my job to comfort her.

I wrapped my arms around her and said; “No, No, Baby. Don’t cry. I’m not mad at you at all. In fact, the reason I am speechless is because I am so unbelievably proud of you. I can’t believe that I am so blessed to be married to such an amazingly hot wife.”

Holly looked up into my eyes and said; “Oh honey, do you mean it? You’re not mad? You still love me just as much as before?”

My only response was to lay a kiss on her that rivaled anything she had experienced earlier in the evening, even the kisses from Rich. Then I said; “If you were fully aware of everything that happened, then you know what I said right before I thought I was waking you up. I meant what I said as I ran my fingers through your hair and told you that I love you more than you could ever imagine. But do you know what the really cool thing is?”

She looked up at me with her still wet eyes and asked; “No, what?”

“Now you really are a ‘sex crazed woman’, not just the victim of some hypnotic trickery”.

We both chuckled nodding our heads in agreement then I picked up my petite bride in my arms much like a dad would carry a sleepy child to bed. Except the bed I carried my little bundle upstairs to was the master bedroom. “Let’s go get you cleaned up in a nice soaking bath and then put you to bed. But starting tomorrow morning, I expect that we’re going to be enjoying a whole boatload of new experiences added to our sex life.”

She giggled like a little kid and buried her face in my neck as I carried her in my strong arms. I heard her softly say; “Rob, you’re not only my husband, you’re my firefighter hero.”

At first I thought she was teasing me but as I stopped halfway up the stairs and looked in her eyes I could tell that she wasn’t teasing at all. I loved her for saying what she did, but I really wanted the night to end on a fun, light hearted note so I said; “Firefighter huh?”

And with that I threw her over my shoulder like a fireman carries a rescued person and ran up the rest of the stairs with her laughing the whole way as I threw her naked body onto our king size bed. She bounced right off the bed and onto her feet amongst peals of laughter as she ran into the master bath saying, “You get the bath ready, I’ve really got to pee!”

Needless to say; we really have added a lot of new and exciting activities to our sex life which is richer and fuller now than at any previous time in our marriage. For the most part all those activities have been truly outstanding. However, there have also been a couple of difficult issues we needed to resolve. Some of those have taken the full five years since our first night at Lou’s Tavern. I’ll share those with you in the epilog.

Our sex life was amazing after our first night with the poker guys. We had fun discussing all that night’s events and the conversation took on a whole new dimension since I wasn’t having to tell Holly what had happened. This time, unlike our past experiences, she knew for herself everything that happened.

There was one awkward conversation that I knew we needed to have but I wanted to hold off for a few days. After a week or so had past, I finally got around to something that had troubled me. I asked her what the heck was going through her mind when she was with Rich.

“That wasn’t ‘just sex’, was it?”

She had to admit that there were some strong underlying currents going on during that particular episode. Furthermore, she didn’t really know the what or why of it. She had casually known Rich for nearly four years and had never been emotionally or physically drawn to him before. But now, she had to admit that a few times since the ‘Poker Night’ she had thought about him. She told me that she even masturbated a couple of times while thinking about him just this past week.

I had to know, so I asked; “Are you in love with him?”

She was startled by my question and initially said; “No way! Absolutely not! How could you even think such a thing?”

But over the next two weeks she had to confess that there was something between the two of them that she just didn’t understand. She didn’t think it was love but did say that there was definitely a lusting in her heart for him even now. We both agreed that we needed to be especially careful since both he and she were married. I told her that feeling affection for him was understandable and even acceptable at some level, but we just couldn’t allow it to go any further than that.

She fully agreed and promised me that she would never contact him or be with him without me being present. We left it at that and I knew in my heart that I just needed to trust her to remain faithful to that promise. At the same time, I also knew that I needed to keep a close watch on the situation whenever the two of them were together.

So, over the next couple of weeks after that first ‘poker night’ Holly and I would talk about what happened nearly every night before going to sleep. Often that would lead to mind blowing sex. Yet, at other times, one or both of us found ourselves lying in bed next to each other while feeling noticeably uncomfortable over what had happened.

We always went to sleep cuddling and loving on one another but there were definitely a few tense moments. Especially when we would discuss her relationship with Rich. And also when we discussed some of the outlandish things that she said during the passion of the night. It was one thing if her statements and comments had come out while under a hypnotic state. But now we both knew that she was fully aware and cognizant of what she was saying and some of those things were downright troubling to me.

Even her wanting Chuck and I to double team her and the fact that she singled him out for special treatment caused some alarms to go off in my head. She assured me that it was simply because Chuck and she had been together before at Lou’s Tavern so she was more familiar with his body. Also, she knew that Chuck was my best guy friend so that also made her more comfortable with him. For some reason, she just felt safe with him. I thought that was odd considering how he let both of us down at Lou’s Tavern.

Some of the things she did at poker night were just so outrageous for her personality and so out of character from her previous history, I couldn’t get over the fact that she wasn’t under hypnosis. She had a difficult time trying to explain what was going through her head as she was acting like a total slut. The most troubling thing for her was to discover that she truly enjoyed doing all that stuff.

Inevitably our nighttime discussions turned to what might or might not happen at the next poker night. Finally, I asked her if that night with the guys was a ‘one off’ experience or might there be more to come.

Rather than answer me directly, she asked a question right back saying: “What do you want it to be?”

Quite honestly, I hadn’t been able to get my mind off that incredible night. It didn’t help that nearly every other day Chuck would either call or I would see him and he would continually ask if Holly was going to perform for us again at the next poker night. Chuck wasn’t the only one either. In the three weeks since that night I had heard from Jeff, Wally, Rich and Kyle all of them basically asking the same thing.

It was obvious and understandable that all the guys were looking forward to a repeat performance. It’s easy for them to ask and I suppose I would be doing the same thing if I were in their shoes. But good grief; this is my wife we’re talking about! And now since I know that she wasn’t under any sort of hypnotic influence, it’s just hard for me to reconcile how I’m feeling about the whole thing!

So here I am with five other guys who are all close friends of mine and all wanting to bang my precious wife. To say that I felt the pressure would be an understatement. It was heavy on me to decide what we were going to do the first Thursday of this coming month. And it was only a week away.

Frankly, if Rich hadn’t been one of the five it may have made my decision easier. But I just couldn’t get the images of he and Holly’s passion out of my head. I wasn’t sure I could go through another session of watching the two of them together again.

I’m almost embarrassed to even mention this one other item that kind of bothered me about allowing all these friends have sex with my wife. But here it is anyway. The first time she had sex with six guys at Lou’s Tavern, she earned us $6,000. The next time when she had sex with the four doctors at The Lakeside Resort she earned $10,000 plus an ongoing $1,300 a month in regular payments for the things she had done.

And now I’m looking to give my five buddies full access to my beautiful bride on a regular basis for free! I say I’m embarrassed to bring this up because I certainly in no way want to think of my wife as a whore or even a high-priced call girl. But at the same time, these things do still run around in my brain and I’m not sure what to think about them. And if you’re honest with yourself, wouldn’t they cross your mind too?

Finally, as the week of our next poker night rolled around I had to let Holly know what I was thinking. Deciding that honesty has always been the best policy between us, I told her that I just need more time to process all that has happened. For that reason, this month we would just have a normal poker night.

I also told Holly that perhaps it would be better if she went to a movie with one of the other wives so her presence in the house wouldn’t be a distraction. I told her that us guys could handle the snacks and drinks ourselves. I could tell that she was a little bit disappointed but she didn’t say anything along those lines at all. She got up on her tiptoes and planted a loving kiss on my lips as she said: “Honey, I totally trust you as the leader in our home. And I’m confident that you know what’s best for us as a couple and for us as a family.”

Wow! Talk about the most perfect answer. What did I ever do to deserve such a woman? My head was swelling with pride at the incredible wife I have been blessed with.

That same night, I think it was Tuesday, as we laid in bed together, I told her that I wasn’t saying that we won’t ever play again at poker night but rather I was feeling pressured to make a quick decision for this week. Rather than making a rash decision that we may later regret, I wanted another few weeks to make up my mind. Additionally, I told her it was important that she and I have some time to talk it over some more as a couple. So, this week it would just be the regular guys playing cards but future Poker Nights might be considerably different.

She snuggled up to me and wrapping both arms around my arm she held me close. After a few minutes just quietly holding each other close she said: “Baby, I love you with all my heart and you will always be the only man for me. I’ve thought a lot about what happened with Rich. I just want you to know that nothing or no one will ever come between you and me.”

With that she slid down my arm kissing my hands and fingers as she made her way to the place where she could stick her silky tongue into my belly button while pinching my nipples. I can’t remember her ever doing that to me before but boy was it sexy. Then I vaguely remembered her doing that same thing to Kyle while they were making out last month.

As she was tonguing my naval she began to slide my boxer shorts down my waist, over the top of my extended appendage and off my feet. Then she took my semi-rigid cock into her soft puffy lips and started licking and kissing the head of my penis as if it were a gourmet lollypop. She was paying special tribute to that tender spot right at the base of the head where it meets the shaft. Gawd, this woman is amazing!

Between her licks and kisses she would lift my cock up high and get her chin buried between my legs as she would start a slow and sensuous lick with the flat of her tongue all the way from my balls to my cock head. I was hard as a crowbar within a couple of minutes and groaning at the pleasures I was experiencing. Then she started to lower her mouth onto my erection until the entire thing was deep in her throat.

As she was giving me this luxurious deep throat blow job I couldn’t help but remind myself that before that first night at Lou’s Tavern, this is a skill that Holly never had and never desired to have. But now as the result of her hypnosis, I get to experience these mind-blowing sessions of oral sex on a regular basis. She now took my cock in her mouth at least three or four times every week.

Before the whole hypnosis thing, she would occasionally give me head but she did it only because she knew I liked it even though she wasn’t really into it. It was almost like she had been tolerating sex for my benefit but she could care less about it. Now she absolutely loves sex! And that’s probably an understatement! To top it off; passionate oral sex now goes both ways. She can’t seem to get enough of it!

Considering these results, I’m not sure why I am so hesitant about continuing with the after-poker partying. I guess I’m just still a little bit insecure about how I will handle it. How would you feel if you were in my position? Seriously, I’m curious how you would feel? What would you do? I mean, it’s bad enough that my wife and I usually provide all the beer and snacks for free, but now do I also have to provide my loving wife as a free sex toy for these guys as well? I had to ask myself; “What am I going to get out of this whole deal?”

Then I began to groan while Holly worked me up to a frenzy and I began to shoot my load deep into her sweet mouth. It was then that I remembered what I was getting out of this whole deal. I had never had so much mind-blowing sex in my entire life as I have had this past year and a half.

After she cleaned me up with her tongue she popped her head back out from under the sheet and said; “Tonight, baby, I’m all yours. My body is here just for you and for your pleasure, you can do whatever you want with me.”

I thought to myself; “Oh gawd, how am I ever going to keep up with this little pixie?”

I rolled over on top of her and began to kiss all over her face and ears and neck. She looked good enough to eat with her cute little grin looking up at me. As I reached her shoulders her grin turned into lighthearted giggles as she surrendered every part of her body to me. I was in 7th heaven and knew right away that even though tomorrow was a work day, we weren’t going to be getting much sleep tonight. And we didn’t!

I made wild and passionate love to my wife until nearly 1:30 in the morning. Then we dozed off in one another’s arms only to be awakened about 3:00am with Holly’s lips again wrapped around my enlarging dick. She seemed to be doing her best imitation of a Hoover vacuum. I returned the favor as we moved into the classic sixty-nine position and then drifted off to sleep again around 4:00am.

The alarm was set for 7:00 but I woke up about 6:30 and was banging away at my bride when the obnoxious buzzer went off. We laughed our heads off as both of us were frantically reaching to shut the darn thing off while still physically attached to one another. By the way, she still didn’t know that the alarm clock we were reaching for was also a camera and microphone. That’s just my little secret.

She said; “Good morning handsome, let’s go take a shower together!”

Nobody had to ask me twice. All fresh and clean as a whistle we headed to the kitchen together. At breakfast our cute little daughter Jenny was happy as she could be to see her parents so filled with joy. Our home was indeed a happy home.

Later that morning I called Holly from the station and told her that I had been thinking a lot about this Thursday. I told her that while I’m still not quite ready to make my final decision about future fun and frolicking, that it really would be easier for me to talk to the guys on Thursday night if she were someplace else. She said she had already planned for she and Jenny to get together with Liz, Chuck’s wife and their daughter Susie so they could have a girl’s night.

They rented “The Princess Bride” and Liz already had the old original “Parent Trap”. They would be well entertained complete with popcorn and ice cream while we guys were playing poker and having our little chat. Oh, how I love this woman! She even makes awkward conversations easy!

Thursday night all the guys were clearly disappointed to learn that Holly was out for a “girl’s night” with our daughter Jenny. Kyle asked if she would be back before we were finished with poker. I told them I was sure she would be back because she needed to put Jenny to bed at a decent hour since it was a school night. I also informed them that since our daughter would be in the house, there wouldn’t be any fooling around like there was last month.

Rich was the most obvious in his frustration since he dropped several comments during the evening about how hot my wife was. One of his comments opened the way for all of us to have a little conversation about what had happened the previous month. Chuck asked if I had told Holly about what had happened while she was under hypnosis last month. They were all curious since I had told them that after the previous experience at Lou’s Tavern I had filled her in on every detail of what had happened.

There was a little bit of squirming going on when I let them know that Holly was fully aware of everything that happened at our last poker night. A couple guys weren’t sure how they should act around her now that she knew what they had done to her. I then told the guys that they should just act as if nothing happened and that would help her feel most comfortable.

I also told them that I was potentially open to making Holly a regular part of our monthly gathering but wanted to make sure they were all good with that. There was a moment of absolute silence followed by five excited voices all speaking at the same time. “Woah, Woah, guys, one at a time”. I shouted over the din of excitement. “I take it from your enthusiastic response that all of you would be in favor of Holly joining us after 10:00pm each month?”

Well, it didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that all the guys were really into it. Wally even asked why we couldn’t just dispense with poker and start in with Holly right at seven o’clock when they first arrived. We laughed at his comment but I assured them that she was plenty worn out just from our 10:00pm-midnight session last month. For that reason, poker would still be the first part of our regular activities on the first Thursday of the month. “Besides” I told them, “That way you are being honest when you tell your wives that you were playing poker with the guys.”

The rest of the evening was spent rehashing what had happened the prior month and just how incredible it was for each guy. A couple of them even indicated how much the experience had improved their own marriages. They were somehow re-energized to make love to their own wives. It had sparked a new excitement in not only them but in their wives as well.

All the guys were especially attentive when we heard Holly come home with Jenny about 9:30. We could hear them both scoot upstairs since it was already way past Jenny’s bedtime for a school night. Chuck asked if I thought Holly would make an appearance or whether she would just watch some TV or do a little reading before bed. I answered that I honestly didn’t know one way or the other because we hadn’t talked about it.

You can imagine their surprise and delight when we saw Holly’s legs descending the stairs into our newly remodeled basement game room just a little after ten o’clock. She had her regular clothes on but what impressed me and the guys so much was the huge smile on her lips. She casually asked: “Hi guys! Need anything else to eat or drink?”

The wonderful thing was that she was totally comfortable, so there was no awkwardness considering all that had happened the previous month. She stayed and joked around with us for about ten minutes before saying she was heading up to bed and no, they couldn’t join her. As it turned out, it was a good night of poker. We all had a good time and I ended the night up by fifteen bucks so I was extra happy.

Then as we were wrapping things up just before midnight I told the guys that Holly and I would talk it over the next few days but most likely next month we would wrap up our poker game about 10:00 and have Holly join us for a little after the game fun. The guys were noticeably thrilled, so much so, that I could clearly see three or four sizable boners straining in their pants just from hearing the good news.

Then I added; “Since this is still in the experimental stage, let’s not invite any guests for the next couple of months. Is that OK with you guys?”

Of course, everyone completely understood so we cleaned up the game room and the guys headed out the door. Just as Rich was about to leave, I asked if I could have a word with him for a couple of minutes before he left. He said; “Sure, what is it?”

Once Chuck headed out the door toward his car I turned to him and said; “Rich, to be honest, you are my one hesitation about having Holly play with us after poker each month.”

He looked at me with wide eyes and asked: “Why? Did I do something wrong?”

“Buddy, it wasn’t just you. It was the way both you and Holly acted during sex that really troubled me and on hindsight it troubled her as well.”

Rich gulped; “Yeah Rob, I think I know what you’re getting at. It’s true that I started out by being really excited about the sex and all. But the more I looked into your wife’s alluring eyes, the more I was drawn to her emotionally as well as just physically.”

I thanked him for his honesty and for being up front with me. I told him that the feelings were mutual between both he and Holly. I also told him that Holly and I had some pretty lengthy conversations about it.

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