A Free Slate – Session 26 – it’s Just Sex

Then to my astonishment he asked; “So Rob; do you want me to drop out of the poker group?”

“Oh Rich, that’s such a gracious offer for you to make but no, not at all. I just want you and Holly to be especially careful because we don’t want to mess with anybody’s marriage, yours or ours. I’ve already talked with her about it and she feels the same way. You and Brenda have a wonderful relationship and we don’t want to do anything that would get in the way of that, do you understand?”

“Sure Rob, I understand and I can guarantee that I will be extra careful next time. I will simply look at what Holly and I do as recreational sex just for the fun of it. After all, when it’s all said and done, it’s just sex isn’t it?”

‘It’s just sex’. I’ve seen that comment before in stories I’ve read or in letters to the editor in certain men’s magazines. But this is the first time I’ve heard anyone I knew personally use that phrase. The more I thought about it the more I thought; Yep, I guess Rich is right, ‘it’s just sex’ and nothing to be either ashamed of or afraid of. Holly and I have simply entered into a whole new facet of our love life with one another. A place where we can give and receive pleasure with other sex partners without the fear of losing the relationship we share.

Indeed, this new lifestyle has even drawn us closer together. That is except for one other episode I guess I should share with you readers a little bit later in this epilog. In the meantime, I couldn’t help thinking to myself; “Hmmm, ‘other sex partners’. Holly has had several other sex partners, I wonder if she would be open to me having other sex partners as well? Just thinking, mind you.”

Holly and I did discuss what had happened at the poker night and whether we wanted it to continue either on an occasional or even monthly basis. As it turned out, we were both really excited by what had happened that first night. I’m not sure either one of us could actually say that we were comfortable with it, but we did decide that in the long run it had been good for our marriage and definitely good for our sex life.

So, the decision was made that every month, on the first Thursday of the month we would find a way to have our daughter Jenny enjoy a sleep-over with someone. We also decided that Holly would join the poker party from 10:00pm to midnight for some adult fun and games of our own.

The next couple of weeks it was arranged for Jenny to always spend the night at Chuck and Liz’s house on the first Thursday of each month. This worked well since Chuck was always playing poker anyway and their daughter was Jenny’s best friend. Both girls went to the same school even though they had different teachers. Liz agreed to take the girls to school on the Friday mornings after poker night which was an added treat for the girls. So, everything worked out great!

Needless to say, the guys were overjoyed to learn of our decision and that very next month Holly popped her head in a few times before 10:00pm to see how we were doing with drinks and snacks. She dressed a little bit provocatively as she served us our food and drinks. But about 10:10pm everything changed dramatically as once again we saw her bare feet and bare legs descend the stairs dressed in one of her little transparent night gowns.

Jaws dropped and tongues were hanging out as tents started to form in all six pairs of pants. For the first couple of months, Holly and I had decided that we should still play along with the whole hypnosis routine. That way she could act like a sexy little slut with at least a little bit of anonymity. Additionally, the guys could hide behind the whole hypnotic state idea as they did things with my wife that they would never have dreamed of doing otherwise.

Then on the third month during our card playing time I shared with the guys that since Holly and I had been talking about everything that had happened each evening anyway, tonight we were going to try having her just be herself without the assistance of hypnosis. Up until now, she and I were the only ones who knew that she wasn’t really under hypnosis anyway. I could tell that a couple of the guys were a bit nervous about how it would work out with everything being so out in the open, but Holly was again such a trooper.

When she came down at her usual time she was wearing her sexy little maroon silk bathrobe that just barely covered her ass and pussy. In fact, as she took each stair on her way down we could get quick little glimpses of her bare little kitten. At least it worked that way on the top five or six stairs. She had a beaming smile on her lips and when she reached the bottom stair she opened her robe revealing her totally naked body and laughingly said; “Hello boys, come and get it!”

Everything after that ice breaker was absolutely wonderful. I can honestly say; ‘A GOOD TIME WAS HAD BY ALL’!

As I had mentioned to both Holly and Rich, I was paying special attention to their times together. It appeared that both were making a genuine effort to keep their union fit the; ‘it’s just sex’ model. But at the same time I knew they still had special feelings for one another. Then the third month after we started our new schedule of ‘playing’ after each poker night, Rich asked to have a word with me in private. It was about 8:30 and we were taking a snack break between hands anyway so he and I went upstairs to the kitchen ostensibly to grab some fresh snacks.

Once in the kitchen he said; “You know Rod, getting together with Holly still has a special effect on me and I really am trying really hard to keep myself in check.”

I told him that I had been watching and I certainly did appreciate his efforts and assured him that I knew it must be difficult for both he and Holly. Then he asked something that I never even thought of before; “So Rod,” he said, “I’ve told Brenda about what happens here at poker night and she is very intrigued. I also told her that I was having a hard time keeping my focus simply on sex rather than allowing my emotions to get involved.”

Just to clarify I asked him; “So let me get this straight, you told her that you are more than just physically attracted to my wife?”

“Yes,” He responded; “I told her all about that first time and how intense it was. I also told her about our little chat when you asked us to be extra careful.”

Hearing this, my respect for Rich grew exponentially and then he went on by saying; “Here’s what Brenda came up with; she was wondering if it would be OK for her to come and help with the ‘hostess duties’ after 10:00pm each poker night. She would be fully involved in serving all the guys just like Holly is doing if you catch my drift. What do you think?”

Well, Brenda is a knockout! She has short red hair that she wears it in a sexy little bob hairdo. Her tits are not huge but certainly more than a handful. I’ve always admired her looks, especially after the time she wore a midnight blue bikini for the Labor Day swim party at the golf club last summer. Quickly I responded to him; “Man, I think that is a brilliant idea but I think I should check with Holly first.”

He went on to mention, “Brenda thought it would be a lot easier for Holly and me to keep our focus on ‘it’s just sex’ if both of our spouses were in the same room watching.”

I told him to carry the snacks downstairs and I would go up to the bedroom and ask Holly what she thought about the idea. We have a large master bedroom with a little sitting area where she likes to read while we’re playing poker. She also has a TV in the room so she has plenty to entertain her while us guys were busy downstairs.

I ran upstairs to ask Holly what she thought of Brenda’s idea. When I barged into the bedroom she turned abruptly holding a towel up to hide her naked body. She was relieved to see it was me. She had been getting ready for our play time which was still about an hour away. Her smile was broad as she dropped her towel, spread her arms open and said; “Hello lover, what’s up?”

I gave her a hug and briefly explained Rich and Brenda’s idea. She thought it sounded like a great idea, as well as a lot of fun to have more ladies involved. I gave her a quick kiss and said, “Thanks babe, I’ll go and let Rich know. The guys are waiting for me so I need to get back down there.”

I flew down the two flights of stairs to our basement game room and gave Rich the thumbs up sign. Then as Jeff dealt the cards I said to everyone at the table; “Hey guys, Rich has an announcement to make about next month.”

Rich, with a Cheshire grin on his face said; “Starting next month, my red headed little bombshell of a wife will be joining Holly each month for our evening entertainment.”

The cards stopped moving and everyone was just a bit nonplussed. But within ten seconds, there were shouts of excitement flowing throughout the room. By the time we were finished playing poker all six of us had tents in our pants just from imagining how hot it was going to be having two sexy women to play with. That night Holly really got a workout as each guy was treating her like she was two different women.

Even I was surprised at how much hotter it was in the game room that night for me. Whenever it was my turn to be involved with Holly, I kept seeing Brenda’s short red hair bouncing up and down as Holly rode me. Then I even found myself wondering if she were shaved or not. I’ve never seen red pubic hair except in pictures. Holly was totally sexed out by the time midnight rolled around and the guys made their way upstairs and out the front door.

As Holly and I laid in bed that night something dawned on me, I wondered if Holly had really had time to process the fact that if Brenda joined in our fun, that would mean that I would be having sex with another woman. I decided to brooch the subject as I tenderly asked; “Holly babe.”

“Yes”, she responded.

That led to us having a little husband wife chat that I will keep to ourselves. I’ll just mention to you that after a good half hour discussion we went to sleep in each other’s arms. We continued our ‘chat’ the next morning after breakfast and it was all good.

Brenda did join us the following month and I’m sure I could write many stories about that but you’re probably getting tired of all this reading you’ve been doing. Suffice it to say that not only did Brenda join in, but it seems that Wally had also shared with his wife June about what happens at poker night and she was happy for him. But not only was she happy for him, she was a little bit envious of Holly and Brenda. So now, Wally’s knockout of a wife has also joined in with the hostess duties. Now we have three ladies and six guys in our game room every month.

I guess I should confess that I was especially overjoyed at having June join in. While it’s completely true that I totally love my wife, I have always considered June to be the sexiest woman I have ever met. So, having her get naked with us was a huge turn on for me. And to top it off; occasionally we even invited guests to join us, but of course we are careful that we find guys who are very discrete.

The first time a guest comes, he is asked to leave when the game breaks up at 10:00. That way, the rest of us can have a chance to have a group to discuss whether or not we want to invite him back and allow him to stay for the … shall we say; ‘afterglow’. The upshot is that now after nearly four years our regular poker night crowd has grown to ten guys and three ladies. Sometimes we even play poker! Wink, Wink.

Since our daughter, Jenny, is always at Chuck and Liz’s house during poker nights, I asked Chuck one time if Liz had any idea what goes on each month. He grinned saying; “She has no idea and I don’t know if I’m ever going to tell her or not.”

He then went on to say; “Hell, she still doesn’t even know about Lou’s Tavern. She thinks Holly is a sweet little innocent wife who is still a bit naive.” Oh, if she only knew!

Chuck had become my best friend over the years. I suppose that is a bit unusual since he is the one who let me down at Lou’s Tavern when he promised to take care of Holly and get her home safely. He and I had been casual friends prior to Lou’s Tavern. We often played golf together at the club but he was just one of several guys I played golf with, nothing special. But since our common experience at Lou’s Tavern, for some reason he and I started hanging out more and more. To the point where now we both felt the same way about our best friend status. We were bud’s.

Before wrapping this whole story up, I need to tell you about one event that nearly side railed everything. Holly of course knew about the video I made with she and the doctors at The Lakeside Resort. But she never asked how I did it or what I did with the camera’s that I had purchased from my brother’s security company. So, when I brought two new bedside alarm clocks home, she hadn’t even questioned me about them. I simply told her that I had seen them at The Lakeside Resort and really liked them. I liked that the digital display at night was better on this model than the old ones we had so I told her I ordered them.

I went on to tell her I liked them so much that I got one for our bedroom and another one for our guest room. Of course, she had no idea that they both contained built in cameras and high tech microphones. I also installed the two TV mounted cameras on our television units. One on the TV in our living room and the other on the TV in our game room.

I didn’t really know what to do with the little cameras that were about the size of a water bottle cap. Problem was that I didn’t want to explain what they were if Holly came across them while cleaning the house. I did install one in the outdoor porch lights at both our front and back door since anytime those lights burn out, I am the one who changes the bulbs because you have to loosen a couple of bolts to open them up. I knew she would never see those cameras and even if she did, she wouldn’t know what they were. I guess I was thinking if we were ever robbed, I could go back and see who was trying to break into our door.

But the real reason I installed the cameras in the house was because of Holly’s sister. Heather was six years younger than Holly and while I am totally infatuated with my wife’s sexy body, Heather is even more amazing and I wanted to see her naked. What can I say, I am just a dirty old voyeur at heart. Heather lives about an hour from us in a neighboring college town but her work is only ten minutes from our house. As a single gal, she shares a little three-bedroom house with two other women.

Despite their age difference, Holly and Heather have always been very close. Many times, each month Heather would spend several nights at our house. Not only was our house so much closer to her work but she also just liked being here. Of course, both Holly and Jenny loved having her around because she was such a fun person to be with.

I certainly never complained about having Heather around because over the years she had become so comfortable with being in our home that often she would go around the house in just her braless T-shirt and little lace panties. I was hard most of the time with having two hot women in the house. So, the real reason I installed the TV and night stand alarm clock cameras was so I could get some sexy glimpses of both Holly and Heater for my own viewing pleasure.

I had the camera’s set up to automatically send any captured footage to a special private email account I set up that Holly didn’t know about. So, at midnight each night my secret email account would receive that day’s activity. While it’s true I’m a dirty old man, at least you’ve got to hand it to me that I didn’t put any camera’s in the guest bathroom. See, I do have a little bit of class after all.

As I mentioned earlier, the cameras and audio microphones were motion sensitive so they only recorded when someone was in the room. But even that meant that I had to scan through a lot of uninteresting video to find the nuggets I was looking for. I would edit the desired portions of the video and audio links and save them to special folders before deleting all of the useless footage. There were a lot of images of someone walking through the living room on their way to the stairs or others of people just watching TV or reading for hours.

Several times I considered getting rid of the camera’s but then I would come across some really hot scenes that made it all worthwhile. Often, we would come home from a family outing to find that Heather had been there for several hours just making herself at home. Sometimes she would take her clothes off while watching TV and masturbate using a dildo or her fingers. One time I even watched her fuck a banana on our living room couch.

Of course, there were great shots of Heather getting dressed or undressed in the guest room as well. I also captured and kept a few hot videos of Holly and I together from the camera on our night stand. It was fun to have this little clandestine side activity. But the best videos of all were the ones captured from the TV mounted camera in our game room the first Thursday of each month. Wow! If I were willing to sell those videos, I could be a very wealthy man by now! But of course, they are just for my personal viewing pleasure only.

One Saturday about two years after we started with the poker night fun, I was planning to rebuild my lawnmower engine. I know that I could easily have afforded to buy a new lawnmower but the challenge was before me and I just wanted to tackle the job and save a few bucks. After all, how tough can a two-cycle motor be? I mentioned it on Wednesday afternoon while playing golf with Chuck and he said he had rebuilt several small engines and would love to help me.

We set it up for him to come over at 2:00pm Saturday after his morning golf game. We figured we should have the project done by 6:00pm when his wife Liz and their daughter Susie would come join us for a Bar-B-Que and swim. Well the day came and as luck would have it, I got called to the station for a three-alarm fire. They needed me to oversee the management of the crews.

I tried to call Chuck to cancel our project but he turned his cell phone off whenever he was playing golf. Rather than leave a voice mail I decided to call Liz to let her tell him. That’s when I found out that she and her daughter Susie were heading out to the lake with our daughter Jenny in tow until the evening when they planned to come back for the BBQ. I couldn’t think of anything else to do so I called Holly and told her that Chuck was coming by at 2:00 and she would just have to let him know that the project was off because I was committed to be at the fire department until 5:00 when Larry Henderson was going to come relieve me.

I didn’t think another thing about it. I made it home about 5:20 in time to clean my grill and get ready for the BBQ. I asked Holly if she had a good afternoon and she assured me that with Jenny busy, she was able to get some things done that she had been wanting to do for a long time. A little before 6:00 Chuck, Liz, Susie and Jenny arrived and we had a great family time as the girls told us all about the amazing time they had at the lake. Liz had even rented a paddle boat for them to use. We always have such a great time when we’re all together.

Being a summer evening we all used the pool with Chuck and I playing a rousingly fun game of Marco Polo with our daughters. It was nearly ten o’clock before our guests finally headed for home after a fun evening. Holly put Jenny to bed as I cleaned up the kitchen as best a guy can. We were both exhausted when we hit the hay a little before 11:00pm and were soon both sawing logs.

Heather came to stay with us Sunday, Monday and Tuesday nights. Of course, she was gone to work during the days on Monday and Tuesday but she spent the evenings and nights at our house. So, Wednesday night when Holly went off to a PTA meeting and Jenny was busy with a school project, I sat down at my desk to scan through any captured video from the past several days. I quickly realized that I hadn’t edited any of the captured images for nearly a week. As usual, there was a lot of stuff to fast forward through and before getting to any of the good stuff I hoped to capture during Heathers visit.

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