A Free Slate – Session 28 – End of Story

I thought it was strange that I hadn’t remembered her saying that the first time I watched this part of the video. At the same time, I was thinking, how could she talk with her mouth full? Then I felt a slap on the back of my head and realized that Holly had come into my office. I hadn’t heard her because of the ear phones. I turned and looked at my wife with anger in my eyes and she said; “Oh Rob, how can you just sit there and watch me cheat on you like this?”

I considered her tear stained face and calmly said; “Holly, I think we need to talk.”

She fell to her knees and pleaded; “Baby, please forgive me, this was all my fault and I am so sorry you had to find out about it this way. I really was going to tell you all about it and beg for your forgiveness but now you’ve seen it with your own eyes. I’m so sorry sweetie, can you ever forgive me?”

I looked down at her and honestly said; “I don’t know babe. This is really bad don’t you think?”

Through her sobs she responded, “It’s worse than bad, it’s horrible! How much have you seen of it?”

“I’ve seen everything. Even what happened in the guest room.”

I don’t think it ever crossed her mind to question why I had cameras in the various rooms of our house. Instead she just kept crying and begging me to forgive her. That’s when I asked if anything like this had ever happened before. She finally shook out of her sobbing and with blazing eyes said; “Of course not! I don’t even know what got into my head to do it this one time but I promise that I have never done anything behind your back before, except for flirting with Jim at Lou’s Tavern, and look at all the trouble that caused. It nearly broke up our marriage and here I am doing it again. Oh Rob, I need you and I love you and I promise I’ve learned my lesson, nothing like this will ever happen again. Not with Chuck, not with Rich, not with anyone! Just please say you will forgive me.”

I couldn’t resist her. How could I? She was just so vulnerable. I turned back to my laptop and hit the delete key erasing everything that was in my “in box” from the previous week. Later I realized that I also ruined the chance for me to get some good shots of Heather during her stay from Sunday through Tuesday… oh well.

Then I turned to Holly and taking her by the hands I lifted her to her feet. Looking down at her cute but very red nose, teary eyes and wet cheeks, I wrapped her in my arms and said; “By hitting that button, I just deleted the entire video from last Saturday and I forgive you honey. I really do forgive you completely, but from now on, we only have sex with other people when we’re together, is that understood?”

She looked up into my eyes and said. “Yes.”

I picked her up and carried her in my arms up to our bedroom saying, “I think we have a new position I want to try out.” She tried to chuckle but couldn’t quite bring herself to do it.

Chuck and I talked the next week and he told me everything that I had already seen on the video so I knew he was telling the truth. I also told him that Holly had assumed full responsibility and believe me, I know how irresistible she can be. He and I restored our relationship as best friends.

Chuck did help me rebuild my lawnmower and for the next few rounds of golf, he paid my way. Something he didn’t need to do but I think it made him feel better. The following poker night, I could tell that he and Holly were way more tentative when it was their turn to be together but after a couple of months, everything seemed to be back to normal and I was so very glad that I hadn’t over reacted.

Now exactly five years after our night at Lou’s Tavern, Holly and I have an incredible life. On the financial front, our fire district recently promoted me to District Fire Chief. This position came with a salary beyond our wildest dreams. So, at that point we both decided that Jim and the other three docs had paid enough for their sins. And besides that, Holly and I are now enjoying the most fantastic sex life complete with extra fun at our monthly Poker Nights.

Currently with the two other wives helping Holly with the hostess duties on the first Thursday of each month it’s even better. We also realized that without Jim’s hypnosis, none of this would be happening. After her one dalliance with Chuck two years earlier Holly and I have a restored trust. She has vowed to never again have any form of sex with another man without me being present and in full agreement. I know for a fact that when she takes a pledge, she keeps her vow. She even told me that she would take this vow just as seriously as she took her Purity Pledge in her teen years.

Additionally, we both agreed that once a month with the guys and gals on the first Thursday of the month is plenty of extracurricular sex for each of us. What could be better? So, I personally contacted each of the docs and let them know that no further monthly payments to RHW Associates were necessary as their ‘malpractice’ policies were now paid in full.

I further let them know that I had destroyed all copies of the video as well as deleting all electronic traces of it from my computer. And just to make sure that all traces were gone, I informed them that I had wiped the laptop clean and soaked it in a tub of water and bleach for two weeks before taking it to the recyclers. I had wanted to get a newer, faster laptop anyway.

Each one of the docs were so relieved to find out that this was no longer over their heads. It wasn’t so much the monthly payments that weighed on them but just the potential threat of exposure. I let each of them know that not only was their debt been paid in full but all was forgiven as well. With grateful heart’s they expressed their thanks and appreciation.

Jim was the last one to be contacted and I met him at The Java Hut because I wanted to give him the news face to face. He was grateful just like his buddies. We really did have a good conversation talking as if we were friends for an hour and a half. We talked about everything from his practice and his Ferrari to Holly and how she has coped with the whole situation.

I decided not to tell him about our continuing activities with the poker night gang. Then as we were wrapping things up, he again had the audacity to ask; “Does this mean that I could possibly get together with Holly some weekend?”

I laughed and replied; “Nice try Jim, but that just ain’t gonna happen. But I tell you what I will do; this time, the coffee is on me.”

We shook hands and shared one last laugh together as I picked up the check and headed to the cashier. I haven’t seen or heard from him since.

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