Proposal for Pussy :: Part 05 :: Sweat Drenched

Pete had a hard time sleeping. That Saturday night his long time girlfriend, Katrina, had gone further sexually with him than she ever had before. He dreamt about her rocking her hips over his probing fingers in the reclined passenger seat of her mother’s car. He dreamt of the passion and desire washing over her body and face as they mutually masturbated themselves to climax. In his abnormally vivid dream he could see, hear, feel, and smell her.

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Proposal For Pussy :: Part 04 :: Knee jerk

Katrina reached for a package of tissues in the glove compartment and cleaned Pete’s cock. Pete returned the favour wiping at her pussy longer than what was required, of course. After they had collected themselves they began the brief two minute drive to his house. Once Katrina reached the house Pete looked at the clock on the dash.

It read 1:44. He looked at the driveway; everyone was home. After giving Katrina a long passionate kiss, he pulled back sucking her bottom lip and bid her goodnight. “I’ll call you tomorrow, miss Moretti,” he told her as the kiss broke. “Love you, lover boy,” Katrina responded with big doe eyes. He watched her pull out and made his way inside the house feeling warm and satisfied.

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Proposal for Pussy :: Part 03 :: Mass Muscle

Katrina made her way over to the passenger seat Pete was reclining in. She straddled his legs staring at the pulsating penis he kept on stroking. She turned around and grabbed her purse from the dash to retrieve a condom from her wallet.

“What?” Pete asked with a startled enthusiasm. “You wanna do it, you wanna fuck, baby?” Katrina didn’t respond right away. She took the condom out of the wrapper and answered, “Sorry, Sugar, I just don’t want you leaving a mess in my mom’s car. And besides, I want our first time to be making love and not fucking,” she said frankly.

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Proposal for Pussy :: Part 02 :: Blowing Breeze

Pete knew Rebecca wouldn’t allow him to assist her giving Samantha a tour of the property and so without any hesitation he ran upstairs, locked his bedroom door, removed his clothes, and began jerking off like a madman. As he lay on his bed stroking his cock and cupping his balls he could only think of Samantha’s face, breasts, ass and perfume. The warm September breeze blowing in from his window caressing his skin only enhanced the images floating in his head. He definitely had the sex drive of a normal eighteen year old male. Five minutes after he began jacking off to Samantha he ejaculated several long streams into a tissue paper.

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Proposal For Pussy – Part 01 – After Hand Job

From his bedroom window Pete waited in anticipation for his step-sister’s little blue car to pull into the driveway of their parent’s sea-side home. It wasn’t his step-sister he was looking forward to seeing, but her new college roommate accompanying her for the first time. It had only been a couple weeks since Rebecca began college in the city with this weekend her first returning home.

Pete was hoping his step-sister’s new roommate might offer some decent eye candy over the weekend. No red blooded eighteen year old boy would hope any different upon hearing of a college girl coming to stay at their house for a weekend. He finally heard a car approaching. Sure enough it was Rebecca, his step-sister. She pulled into the driveway and got out of her car first. Unseen from the second story window, Samantha, her new roommate, finally stepped out. Pete grinned from ear to ear. He couldn’t help but think to himself, “Oh my God!”

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Friends Sister – Session 04 – Date With Emily

It was one week since Margaret left and Susan and I fucked like rabbits in all the time we got with our summer jobs going on. We both fucked on the couch in the pool, in the laundry room with her on the washing machine, in the shower and of course in the bedroom.

Then one morning as we were having our breakfast after a really intense makeout session Susan asked me “Would mind helping me with something?”

“Of course sweetheart” I replied.

“I know I’ll be asking a lot.” she said.

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Friend Love Sister – Session 03 – Caught by Mom

Me and Susan got very close in the coming days and we never let a chance to fuck go waste. We made love in the morning when Susan woke me up by sucking my morning wood in the car on our way back home, at home when Margaret was at work and finally at night before we slept in each other’s arms.

It was after month since we started our relationship when Margaret confronted us at breakfast.

“I need to talk to you both” she said giving both of us cold looks, she waved her hand signaling both of us to sit.

“Yes mom?” Susan asked innocently.

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Friend Sister Love – Session 02 – it’s Huge

The next few weeks went uneventfully as Susan came to my room each night and we were never caught as Margaret’s room was on the ground floor and our rooms on the first floor. Slowly the three of us got used to living together and life turned back to normal. Susan and I started driving to school together and started spending more time together from playing tennis to doing homework and of course sleeping together.

A few months later, I was in for a surprise as Susan showed up at my room in a bathrobe instead of her night suite, seeing that I was visibly shocked she said, “I wanted to sleep in something a bit more comfortable,” she said and dropped her robe revealing a red lace bra and matching thong panties.

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Friend Sister Love – Session 01 – Fateful Day

Ralph and Andy had been friends since childhood and their friendship continued to remain strong even in the final year of high school. Ralph used to spend a lot of time at Andy’s huge house as an escape from a very cruel aunt (he was an orphan) who thought Ralph was a very bad boy and needed to be tortured at every chance possible and he also had a huge crush on Andy’s twin sister Susan, but never asked her out of the fear of spoiling his friendship with Andy.

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Secret Fantasy – Session 04 – Pretty Pink

Moaning together, willing his orgasm to continue within me. The machine came to a slow and steady halt, then began rising me off his still hard shaft. It exited my hole with a pop as the release of pressure caught me off guard, feeling him fill me was becoming natural. But this emptiness was quickly followed by a strange feeling of something being pressed against my hole. The only words filling the room… ‘lets make sure my cum stays there shall we?’

‘Yes sir’ was all I could muster through muffled sounds with the gag on me.

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