A Free Slate – Session 21 – DVD for Everyone

Then he let me know that he would notify his bookkeeper that he had purchased an additional malpractice insurance policy. I asked, “Just out of curiosity Jim, how much do you pay for your regular malpractice insurance policy each month?”

“Not that it’s any of your business, but my monthly premium for malpractice insurance is $4,400.”

“There now. This isn’t so out of line after all, is it? Especially seeing that this policy really does allow you to continue your practice without interruption.”

Changing the subject a little bit, Jim asked, “How do I know that you won’t ask for more than $500 in the future?”

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A Free Slate – Session 20 – Anything Erotic

eHolly and I had a wonderful two days at The Lakeside Resort. On Saturday morning after a leisurely brunch we took a walk half way around the lake and then returned to the pool for a couple of hours before Holly’s appointment at the spa. While at the pool, she wore her new two-piece swimsuit for the first time. Even though it wasn’t anything close to a micro-bikini, it was by far sexier and more revealing than anything I had ever seen her wear in public before.

At the spa, my bride received a complete facial and a ninety minute Swedish massage. Rather than using the spa myself, I waited for her in the room and enjoyed an afternoon nap while she was busy being rightfully pampered. This break also allowed me to neatly pack up all the cameras and microphones into their boxes and load them into the trunk of my car.

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A Free Slate – Session 09 – Very Next Day Off

“Don’t worry babe, I know it’s all yours and I’ll give it to you tomorrow morning when we talk.” With that Holly calmed down again and within one mile her head was back on the headrest and she was fast asleep.

A Free Slate – Session 10 – Flashes of Yesterday Day

A Free Slate – Session 08 – Vanishing the cunt

At home I carried her into the house. She was half awake as she nuzzled into my neck and let a sigh of contentment leave her lips. I laid her on the bed and told her I was going to get a nice hot bath ready for her. She protested, “I know I probably need a bath but I’m so tired, can’t we just go to bed?”

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A Free Slate – Session 02 – Where is She

We became somewhat involved in various church activities and our circle of friends now included church friends as well as our work and social friends. We belonged to a local country club where we both played golf. I try to play at least once a week, Holly gets on the course one or two times a month.

A Free Slate – Session 01 – Bet for Bed

A Free Slate – Session 03 – Holy Pussy into Dirty Cunt

The club isn’t one of those super sophisticated snobbish places but it is a nice club and well maintained. It has a restaurant, bar, swimming pool and all the things you would expect.

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Exploring pleasure – Session 12 – Awesomeness of Sis

I began to realize my sister was a submissive. Reading online about the whole BDSM world, I was surprised to find out it was not what I thought. I always thought being a submissive was the same as being a sex slave. Submissives are only there for your pleasure, at your every beck and call.

But the more I read, I realized a true submissive is all about giving up control; but only when the Dom can be trusted to not allow any real harm come to them. It’s a power play only when it is time to play. It is not something they do all the time. Most subs look and act just like everyone else. They have normal jobs, with families. Many of them are very strong and powerful men or women in the real world, but choose to be submissive in their sexual life.

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Exploring Pleasure – Session 06 – Revealing Secret of Sister

The folder erupted on my screen with tens of thousands of files. There was everything in this folder; word documents, picture files, video files, even passwords. There were thousands of word and text documents that would take years to read everything. I sorted the folder by date and went from the latest to the oldest.

Exploring Pleasure – Session 07 – A Magic with Sister

Exploring Pleasure – Session 05 – An Interesting Incest Stories

The entry was only two days ago and it was a picture file. I opened it up and there was my sister totally naked on her bed with her legs spread wide.

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lesbian at Festival – Session 03 End – Horny Lesbian story

It was nice and hairy which I love, I always think a hairy cunt looks much sexier than a shaven one. She had a big meaty labia, her lips were parted from her arousal and from where I had just fingered her,

lesbian at Festival – Session 02 – Soul Satisfying

Lesbian at Festival – Session 01 – Festival with Friends

and I could see into her soaking wet cunt. I grabbed her fat arse cheeks and pulled her down to me,

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