DD வாயில பூள்

Dd sex story
DD : ஏன்டா ஒரு காண்டம் பிரிச்சு குஞ்சுல மாட்ட தெரியுதா ? இவ்ளோ நேரமா அத தடவிட்டு இருக்க.

~ நான் என்ன பண்ண ஆண்ட்டி காண்டம் கிழியுது.

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How to Conveince Wife for Swapping

Swap couples

How to convince your w¡fe for swapp¡ng?

Please note this is a long-term planning, so don’t be in hurry. Have a patience.

Your first step is to start having regular sex,While having sex, concentrate on f0replay more. Start talking about fantas¡es.

Ask your partner about their fantas¡es.

After having regular sex for 2-3 months you need to observe whether your partner is constantly enjoying the conversation and not just se×.

Make sure to add spices to that conversation. Maybe you can watch some soft p0rn or light comedy adult mov¡es dedicated to sw¡ng¡ng. Few good movies are like Overnight, Sw¡ngers etc.

Don’t watch movies like Swung at this stage who showing Sw¡ng¡ng issues like Jealousy.

At this stage, you will get to know your partner’s fantas¡es. If they are similar to you, good to go to the next step.

Now, identify a good couple in your neighborhood or Social Media with whom your partner would like to hang out and go shopping or Casual Tea Meet. Make a good friendship with them by going to dinner, movie or some event.
Make sure they are coming in the couple not just single.

Observe, your partner is becoming comfortable with the couple.
Then slowly try to fantas¡ze that you are having f0urplay with this another couple.
If your partner is enjoying this f0urs0me conversation then it’s an easy deal for you.(but Ladies wil resist few times for opening up to conversation, just keep going in good mood)

Meanwhile, make yourself familiar with social media. First, browse sites which provides you to create your sw¡nger profile and create your own profile but do not upload any of your photos or do not share your contact details. Choose social names which reflect you as a couple and looking for this lifestyle such as friends_with_benefits, friendly_cpl.
That way you may get many contacts using Facebook and WhatsApp.

However, never ever disclose your identity and contact without getting familiar with them.
Most of them are just single men and fake profile.

Searching good genuine profile may take some time. But rushing in this lifestyle can ruin your life forever.

So take every step very carefully.

If you ever met a good likeminded couple, spend 4-5 visits with them. Get to know each other very carefully. Go to their home, meet their family members and then you may invite them to your house.

Once you are familiar with this couple, make sure you know what other couple wants.

Slowly disclose your wish to your partner.

If your partner is a female you may face some rejection at this moment.
Tell her, it’s not mandatory but let us enjoy a good friendship. Do not force at any cost.

Then arrange some overnight get-together at the family picnic spot.
Don’t rush. Start with a soft sw∆p. Observe, give respect and freedom. And enjoy.

Please take care of few things;

1. Do not use W¡fe-Sw∆p word. You can address it as lifestyle, sw¡ng¡ng or mate-sw∆pp¡ng. Nowadays women are also aware of this lifestyle and they are interested in sw∆pp¡ng.

2. Sw¡ng¡ng is not just se×, but it is all about respect and freedom. Choose it very carefully. If you have dominating nature or disrespect to any gender, you unlikely to succeed in this lifestyle, and may invite troubles.

3. Please respect your spouse freedom. When your partner says No, respect that.

4. Extremely take care of $TDs (Se×ually Transmitted Disease). Judge Cpls properly

5. Watch your other relationships. You should not embarrassed your partner in front of your relatives or friends.


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