Jerking Off – Session 16 – Hot Erotic Stories

hot girl on sofaAdam cursed silently as he left his English class. Miss Shelly had been absent all week, and an ugly old man was substituting for her. He wanted to make sure his teacher was alright, but didn’t know how to get a hold of her.

Jerking Off – Session 17 – Hot Erotic Stories
Jerking Off – Session 15 – Hot Erotic Stories

Thinking of going home only depressed him further. He hadn’t seen his mother since they had screwed each other’s brains out three times that morning. He still got hard when he thought about it, but she had been avoiding him. There was no other way to look at it. She was gone before he woke up, and came home after he went to bed.

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Proposal for Pussy :: Part 05 :: Sweat Drenched

Pete had a hard time sleeping. That Saturday night his long time girlfriend, Katrina, had gone further sexually with him than she ever had before. He dreamt about her rocking her hips over his probing fingers in the reclined passenger seat of her mother’s car. He dreamt of the passion and desire washing over her body and face as they mutually masturbated themselves to climax. In his abnormally vivid dream he could see, hear, feel, and smell her.

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Exploring Pleasure – Session 03 – Plot for sister to laid

But the more I tried not to think about them, the more the image kept popping back in my head. I almost ran a red light seeing those beautiful rings showing through her shirt. I had always thought nipple rings were sexy.

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Exploring Pleasure – Session 02 – Escaping Sex Artist

In my mind, studs weren’t as sexy as rings. I had watched my share of porn and the women that got me really going were always the same; large-breasted,

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